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Anyone have experience with the Avanti Sprint?(3 posts)

Anyone have experience with the Avanti Sprint?Damocles
Oct 28, 2001 2:14 PM
I'm wanting to buy a 2ndhand road bike for less than $NZ1000, and an Avanti Sprint with 105 components seems to be a viable option. Does anyone have any experience with them?
re: Anyone have experience with the Avanti Sprint?Stanley
Oct 28, 2001 10:44 PM
They are a reasonable bike as far as they go, but you need to keep in mind that a lot of Avanti bikes break. Particularly the high end road models. Not a problem with the warrantee but once it is second hand you are taking a bit of a risk. I'm not sure if the Sprint falls into that category but I think it does. Just don't take my word as gosple. Almost all the corsa frame fail. Anyway good luck.
re: Anyone have experience with the Avanti Sprint?Avanti Guy
Oct 29, 2001 3:51 AM
I used to ride a Sprint ages ago, it was my first bike, this is back when they were steel though, it was a nice reliable bike at the time though. I have had nothing but good experiences with Avanti bikes, the new range looks especially nice.