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Can you help me find an LBS?(7 posts)

Can you help me find an LBS?metonymy3
Oct 28, 2001 9:07 AM
I live in southern Fort Worth, Texas and I need to find a good bike shop. Currently I go the Bicycles Inc. on Granbury, and I like Mike, but sometimes I get some of the "kids" who couldn't really care less, and I get a) ripped off badly because they see I'm a high school student and think that I don't know how much something is supposed to cost. It really bugs me when a guy opens a catalog and starts making faces like he's thinking if he can get away with giving you such an awesome deal, and then quotes a price 50% more than, say Performance. I'm prepared to pay maybe 10-15% more, but not half again as much. And these guys' service isn't that great either. Does anyone have good experiences with another bike shop in the area? I'd rather not drive to Dallas or Arlington if I don't have to.

On a slightly different note, is it ok to "request a certain guy at an LBS. Like:

- Can I help you?
- Is John Doe here?
- No.
- Oh, well I'll come back when he is.


- Can I help you?
- No, thanks. I'll just wait until John over there is finished.

Is this ok? I feel like it's a big insult to the guy that asks first. Do any of you do this?

And something I've been wondering, what does "nm" mean? I've seen it used all over the forum, but I haven't been able to figure out the meaning for sure from context.

Thanks for any help!

re: Can you help me find an LBS?Dave Hickey
Oct 28, 2001 9:21 AM
Chris your not going to find mail order prices at the DFW area bike shops. There is just not enough competition in the area. If you join the Fort Worth Cyclists, you'll get 10% of retail prices. IMO, the best bike shops in the DFW area are as follows:

1. Richardson Bike Mart- Richardson
2. Richardson Bike Mart- White Rock Lake
3. Plano Cycling and Fitness-Plano
4. Bicyles Inc. Any of the three stores
5. Fort Worth Cycling and Fitness
6. Debos Cycles- Arlington

Again, the prices at all the above shops are going to be much higher than Excel, Performance, Nashbar, Colorado Colorado Cyclist etc...... I buy my Saddles, Bar tape, tubes, and cables at the LBS and purchase everything else online or mail order
nm = no messageBirddog
Oct 28, 2001 9:31 AM
I'd just level with them when they quote you a high price, something like "whoa dude, that's kinda high. I can get it from Performance for X$. I don't mind paying a little more from you because you give good service, but thats a lot. Can you do any better than that?"
There is nothing wrong with talking to the same guy.vanzutas
Oct 28, 2001 2:00 PM
When there is a certain person I want to talk to at a shop I will walk around and check out all of the stuff that I cant afford then when the guy I want to talk to is available I approach him. The other people are probably relieved that they don't have to help a customer.

re: Can you help me find an LBS?DINOSAUR
Oct 28, 2001 5:43 PM
I can't help you with locating an LBS in your area. However I can identify with your problem. I'm on the opposite side of the pedelum. An older 59 year old guy who has been riding bikes for decades and I have trouble getting waited on in my LBS. The service is hot and cold, depending on how busy they are. I've been doing business with the same shop for over 11 years. I've established a relationship with the owner. He will go out of his way to be helpful. I think it kind of goes with the territory, something about bike shop wrenches that make them about as friendly as a bag full of rattlesnakes on some occassions. I do most of my shopping over the internet as you can't beat the sales. Learning on how to do most of your own work eliminates a lot of hassle also. It's not just you or your age. Good shops are few and far between.
Check out Colonel's bike shop nmdavidl
Oct 29, 2001 5:54 AM
Great shop. I forgot them (nm)Dave Hickey
Oct 29, 2001 6:36 AM