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Switching to a double-trouble?(10 posts)

Switching to a double-trouble?STEELYeyed
Oct 27, 2001 5:53 PM
I'm going to switch out my 105 triple to a double,the triple was nice to have before I got my legs under me,but now I hardly ever use the small ring,I'm thinking a 53-39 ring and maybe an 11-32 XTR cassette using my long cage 105 duralier,I am a flatlander and I don't want to get into trouble on long climbs,hence the large cassette. Is there a better combo out there that someone has tried?
Not the way to go.MB1
Oct 28, 2001 7:31 AM
Running a wide range cassette gets you large jumps between gears. Keep the triple and run a 12-21 or 12-23. A nice compact gear range and you will still have the triple for those occasional long climbs. Lots of Double Century riders do this, it works really well.
2nd that eMotionchar
Oct 28, 2001 2:15 PM
I would concur, triple up front with a corncob in the rear would be the way to go, I have used this setup in the past, you have the best of both worlds. If you are truly in flatland (been there) I would suggest a 13x21 [unless you like to hammer in the 11] or even a 50 up front. Now you are setup with a tight ratio for the flats and you can change back to your previous rear cogs for mountain adventures.

Example: Last winter I setup the commuter bike with 38-42 chainrings and a 16-26 6 speed freewheel. Great combo for hillclimbs and all-round general use. This Fall/Winter/Spring its 36x46 front by 12x28 rear.
3rd itcyclopathic
Oct 29, 2001 9:09 AM
doubles have bigger jump then triples 53 -> 39 vs 52 -> 42
you loose too much trying to downshift
re: Switching to a double-trouble?LC
Oct 28, 2001 8:27 AM
If you really feel you are strong enough for a double, then why use a 11-32? I tried a 11-32 with a double and found that while it did have a nice high and low range, it is really lacking in the gears I used most of the time, which is those middle ones. Since Shimano does not make anything, you are going to have to buy a bunch of cassettes and customize your own. You also are probally not going to get a long cage road derailleur to shift to the 32 without the upper pulley hitting the cassette.
Oct 28, 2001 10:28 AM
Everytime I hear someone switching from a triple because they don't "need" it I wonder what their real motivation is. I mean, do the math. You get all the gear ratios you want, and no one's forcing you to use the granny gear.

I think that people get insecure about being seen with a double and not looking strong or experienced enough. I don't mean to say that this is your motivation, but do the math. What gear combo/ratio is it that you are seeking that you can't get with your existing setup? It is worth coughing up the dough to merely change the looks?

I've never seen anyone admit it, but I often wonder if those looking to swap a triple for a double are just too caught up in what others think.

Wanna look tough? Stick out all your climbs on that 42 tooth middle cog on your triple. You'll be riding in a higher gear than any of those folks riding along in their 39. Better yet, just cruise past 'em like they are standing still. Yes, you can do all these things on a triple.

The only change you may get from the swap you propose is going from a 52 to a 53 big ring, which hardly seems worth the time and aggravation and especially $$$ you'll spend on this "upgrade" (and yes, I put the word "upgrade" in quotes).

That's my two cents, and it isn't personal to you. It is just my general reaction to this issue.
Oct 28, 2001 12:55 PM
I agree with jtolleson,
If you find yourself at the bottom of a killer hill you will love your triple.
HEY! Dura ace is commimg out with a
You have 105 stuff on your bike so it must not be a
hi end bike. I also have 105 components on my 01 trek 2200
wich work superbly!!!
But the Upgrade I did on my bike was to change the wheels
for Shimano Ultegra .(Michelin axial Carbon 700-23)wich were on my Rolf entry level Vectors
its like there is a thin rubber mat rolled out in front of the bike. Smooth,smooth,its like I bought a new more expensive bike.
If you like your bike and want to upgrade things, you should
look at wheels.
And when you want to upgrade to a hi end bike you bring your wheels and have them put on the bike.
Little $$$ lost.
I agree!dzrider
Oct 29, 2001 5:30 AM
I use a triple as a concession to advancing age. Last year on an AIDS ride my front derailleur broke on the first day. I did the rest of the ride with just my 42 tooth middle ring and my 12-22 cassette so I guess I don't need the granny gear, but I sure do like having it and I don't think it costs me much of anything to keep it.
re: Switching to a double-trouble?KStone
Oct 28, 2001 2:45 PM
Keep the 42/52 and change the granny from a 30 to a 26. With a 12/21 cassette you will have all the flat lander combos you will need with the 42/52. The 26/21 combo will climb most anything.
Adjust the Frt Der. stop screw so you cannot mistakenly shift to the granny when riding on flat roads. Readjust before any hilly rides.
No theory here...this works for me as I actually have a bike set up this way.
Keep it.look271
Oct 28, 2001 3:21 PM
I agree with MB1 and the others. You can never have too many gears. Maybe switch out to a 11-21 or 12-23 cassette. Nice close ratio, still low enough a gear to get you up the tough stuff.