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another question about the Polar S-710(3 posts)

another question about the Polar S-710turtle
Oct 26, 2001 4:09 AM
I have read the reviews and have tried to figure it at Polar's website but I don't understand how the download function works(I'm no computer expert either). I know you have to get the optional infra red sensor, but where does it plug into the computer(I have windows 98). Does anyone know why the S-510 uses different download hardware? Any ideas if I will have problems when I get a new computer and get the 2002 version of windows?

Thanks in advance,
re: another question about the Polar S-710Akirasho
Oct 26, 2001 4:38 AM
On the 610 710 and 810, it appears to be an infrared transmission through a serial port interface (odd that it isn't a USB given it's wide use on today's 'puter... on the other hand, few folks use their serial ports except for older joysticks and such). On the 510, it appears to be a sonic signal, read by a mic on your 'puter (ala their Coach model).

I've got the old Accurex Plus model with interface (also serial) and just got my S710 on Monday. The infrared interface is still on backorder but should be here in less than a week. The old interface required that the reciever be in physical contact with said interface... I like the idea of being able to beam the info instead (like a Palm). The old system was/is a great training tool.

Until I get the interface and try it out, I can't give you any info on how well it works (though I suspect little problems... IR is old and time proven technology).

As long as your computer has a serial port or mic (also built into some monitors)*(depending on the model you choose) you shouldn't have any problems downloading.

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The Skinny On The Infra-RedFausto
Oct 26, 2001 5:16 AM
After some initial screwing around, like making sure I had Inrared Monitor installed on my Windows system, I got the device to work. If you are in an enviorment with florescent lights, you have to put the IR device directly up against the watch for the data to "take". It's not much more convenient then the old way of putting the watch on the sending device.

As mentioned in the previous post, the device plugs into the serial port.

Ont topic not discussed here is that you CAN use your older cadence and speed sensors. The ones I have for my XTrainer Plus work just fine.