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Opinion on Lemond Zurich/Buenos Aires(10 posts)

Opinion on Lemond Zurich/Buenos AiresBroke Spoke
Oct 25, 2001 11:19 AM
I'm pretty new to rode biking and would like to buy a quality bike that will be comfortable on, ultimately, centuries. I also would like the bike to be able to "hold its own" with other somewhat high end bikes. I understand it's the rider and the small extra weight of steel I dont think is really a factor for me { I'm already 30 pounds to heavy}. Just wanting to get some much needed advice. Also, the Zurich has a 1 1/8 headset vs 1" for the Buenos Aires, is this any big deal? I'm all for going cheaper if possible, the Buenos Aires is mostly all Ultegra. $500.00 price difference. I'm speaking of the 2002 bikes, the only shops around me sell Trek. Thanks for any advice!
re: Buenos Airesdzrider
Oct 25, 2001 11:39 AM
I often recommend the BA or the Fuji Roubaix Pro for people starting road riding. They are good enough to work well and last, and if you really get into it you're going to learn from any bike you buy and likely upgrade.
re: Opinion on Lemond Zurich/Buenos AiresLone Gunman
Oct 25, 2001 11:40 AM
Don't know if this matters to you or not but Lemonds are made ultimately by Trek. I am riding a '99 Zurich. I shopped for 3 years for a bike that I liked that had the right combination of components, frame material, and wheelset and came up with the Zurich. I was riding an alu bike prior to that. My understanding is the new Lemonds do not have the Rolf wheels any longer but use Bontrager wheels and other Bontrager inhouse parts. These parts may be better than previous (stem, bars, seatpost), I like what I have. Lemond bikes are excellent ride, the top tube is long compared to like sized bikes, a 55 Lemond is similar to alot of other 57cm bikes. This stretches you out over the bike and is good for me. As most posters will tell you the greatest frame in the world will not be comfortable if it is the wrong size for you. Make sure you get the correct size frame and consult as much sizing info as you can prior to purchase. Alot of nice steel bikes out there, get one that fits.
Oct 25, 2001 2:32 PM
I also ride a '99 Zurich. And yes, I was test riding many 57 cm bikes before I tried, and bought, the 55 cm Lemond.
The sizing IS different!
I, too, bought the bike primarily to begin training for centuries; it is an extremely comfortable ride. I highly recommend it for what you intend.
And may I make one more suggestion? I've said this in past posts, but as a new roadie (as I am) please consider buying used! I bought my Zurich which had been upgraded to full Dura Ace, Ouzo Pro carbon fork, and Vector Pro wheels, for under $1300.00. I could have never gotten this much bike buying new.

Good luck!
Benos Aries--now in Ultegra, No-brainerChris Zeller
Oct 25, 2001 12:17 PM
I was in a shop the other day and noticed the 2002 Benos Aries was in Ultegra--just like the Zurich. Sure some parts are still 105 but none of the ones that matter. Shifters, brakes and derailers, cranks, are all Ultegra. I think, there really isn't enough difference in these two bikes now that they are both using the same group to justify the $500 in price difference. Go with the Beno Aries. Ultegra is an excellent group, and the Bontranger wheels look really cool. The difference in upgraded wheels and a few other components isn't a big deal. If you think you are realy going to get into rod biking, save the extra $500 and put it toward your next bike, which will undoubtedly be better and more expensive than these. Otherwise, this bike will last you a Long time. It's got a great frame, great components, and it's versitile on account of the eyelets. You can mount a rack and use it for light touring or commuting too.

I almost bought this bike before I discoved Airborne. At the time I was going for the Zurich for the upgraded group, but now with both in Ultegra, It's a no-brainer.
Thanks everyone for the advice!Broke Spoke
Oct 25, 2001 4:47 PM
re: Opinion on Lemond Zurich/Buenos AiresSingleThreaded
Oct 25, 2001 7:49 PM
I've got two weeks on a 2002 Zurich and love it. I wish I had known that about the Ultegra upgrade on the Buenos Aires though; I would have then considered it. I'd ride both and see how much you perceive your losing with the BA.

I just went and had the Ultegra shifters tweeked last week and I can't imagine that shifting gets much better. Also the ride on this soo smooth. At 240lbs, I'm counting on the Reynold 853 steel outlasting most of the other bikes out there.
Shaped tubesDCP
Oct 26, 2001 5:48 AM
One of the key differences between LeMond's lower steel frame (Buenos Aires) and the higher steel frame (Zurich) is that the tubes are shaped. I believe this is done to enhance rigidity in a particular direction so that a smaller and lighter tube can be used. I noticed no one mentioned this. Any opinions on how important this is? Is it just a racing or big rider consideration?
Re: Shaped tubesSingleThreaded
Oct 26, 2001 10:14 AM
All you indicated about the shaped tubing is correct. And still given the choice between the two models (Zurich and Buenos Aires), I would still lean towards the Zurich. But I would still test ride the BA to see how different it felt given the significant price difference. However, to me, once I've spent over $1k (pocket change), $300-400 is inconsequential.

My reasoning for leaning towards the Zurich is that given the price range I'm not apt to buy another frame for a while and I think this is one of best riding and comfortable frames bundled with Ultegra under 2K. In my selection I valued the overall ride comfort over perceived acceleration differences. I figure I'll ride a more comfortable bike longer, more often, and in more conditions than a stiff riding bike. The extra riding will improve my performance more that the bikes contribution to the improved performance.

Also, I love the Ultegra shifters and the upgrade of the 105s on the BA is significant and certainly improves that bike. But I still value the importance of the Zurich wheels, hubs, cassette and will count on them to never let anyone on a Buenos Aires pass me ;)

I also think the new color scheme of the Zurich is awesome and would pay more even for that.

If I was looking for a two year ride to get up to speed, I would consider, and probably would have bought the Buenos Aires. But I want to be fast very soon and am counting on the Zurich now and 5 years down the road
re: Opinion on Lemond Zurich/Buenos Airesjust bought a zurich
Oct 27, 2001 6:04 AM
I also am new to cycling. I weigh 225lbs. and struggled over the purchase of my first road bike. I eventually bought the 2002 Zurich and like it alot. I got a great deal so it was an easier decision choosing it over the Buenos Aires. However, as others have pointed out, my 55cm frame feels like a 57cm. The standover height also increased over the 2001, though I don't know why. The advice that I got was buy the Zurich with its better frame. If its too pricey, look at the Alpe w/ the same frame as the Buenos Aires but w/ 105 components. That way, you can bank your savings and use it to upgrade later. Good luck.