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Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out story(16 posts)

Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out story128
Oct 25, 2001 9:02 AM
...and don't we all have at least one?

Age 13 or so, on my first ten speed, used the front break, as recommended by the pros, a little too firmly perhaps as my introduction to the fabled 'endo' began. So up and over my back comes the bike and I'm kissing pavement. I had a moment to think: "That wasn't so bad" When the next instant the saddle comes crashing down, hammering my squash into the road. That hurt.

One more:

First getting used to straps on my MTB, and I'm out in the middle of the woods. Out of nowhere this road guy (the trail connects two roads)approaches in all his intimidating roadie, expert-guy glory and we're to pass on this hard-pack single track. Friendly hello's we exchange as we slow on the approach, and I, in very slow motion, keel over expertly, unable to unhinge a foot, onto a well placed boulder, smiling, looking cool...

(ride safe...)


Favorite Wipe-out storyTig
Oct 25, 2001 9:23 AM
12 years old on a Mattel motorcycle-looking bike I got at a garage sale for $10 (wish I had it now to collect!). I was riding across a tennis court that had the nets removed... but not the steel cable! Classic clothesline across the neck. I was yanked off and planted to the court while the bike kept going. The neck scrape looked like a hicky! I started having second thoughts about a career as a stunt man.
Favorite Wipe-out storyPsyDoc
Oct 25, 2001 9:33 AM
When I was in my early 20's, I was riding through the campus of California State University, Fullerton with a friend of mine as our "normal" route took us through the campus. Right before we get to a curve in the road, we ride by a very attractive coed. So, I just had to turn my head as she passed by me and our eyes were glued on one another. As I broke my gaze and looked forward, I was already into the turn. As I turn sharply, my front wheel slides out due to a bit of sand on the road and I go down. My friend was kind enough to ask if I was o.k. before he busted-out laughing. As I looked over my shoulder back toward the coed, she was just standing there smiling and then she continued on to her class or wherever she was going.
Should have...Wannabe
Oct 25, 2001 1:51 PM
then asked her for her number. I bet you would have gotten it!

Andy - Wannabe
Favorite Wipe-out storyMisJG
Oct 25, 2001 9:47 AM
Back in the day before helmets were an accepted part of the cycling gear, I was out on a solo training ride. I spot this duck (other rider up ahead) and decide to take him down. Even better, he's wearing a helmet, so he's an early '90s "fred" (oh, how times change). I hammer to catch him and as I am coming up on him, we start to go through an area of road construction, complete with orange sawhorses along the right hand side of the road. I hammer past him with a hearty "On Your Left!" and keep hammering until I've got a good sized lead. I crest a hill and figure I have a chance to coast and drink and catch my breath as my victim can not see me over the hill. I look down to retrieve my water bottle and look up just in time to see that I am heading straight at one of the orange sawhorses!! My front wheel hit, breaking the bottom board of the sawhorse and effectively stopping my bike. I fly over the handlebars (ala superman, somehow my feet came out of the straps), tuck and roll, shoulder-back-feet. I'm ok, just a little scratched, but more amazed that I was just going 18-20 mph and in the blink of an eye I am standing on the road looking at my bike wedged into a construction sawhorse. I think you can guess what happend next. The guy in the helmet rides by (somehow missing the jumping sawhorses!) and asks if I'm ok. "Yes!" I say as convincinly as possible, feeling more than a little bit foolish.

He must have gotten a good laugh out of that one. . .
re: Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out storyTylerman
Oct 25, 2001 9:58 AM
On my recent century, I was getting a new pair of clipless pedals broken in while riding alongside an attractive intern working in our company (no joke please) and while coming to a stop at the nearest rest station, I, in my most manly fashion, refrained from unclipping my feet and went hip first onto the pavement. I spent the rest of that ride trying to catch up with her...

I later found out that she had gotten a flat and took a SAG wagon about fifteen miles to the next stop, so I had basically no shot. Guess a 28 year old guy has no business chasing a 21 year old girl.
re: Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out storybrider
Oct 25, 2001 10:16 AM
Two come to mind -- I had just returned a day early from a trip to Moab, and my buddy and I decide we'll do a local MTB race. We'd raced the course before and knew we didn't have to dismount, so I decided I'd use my road pedals (first generation Looks). They had a sprint start on a running track. I lined up at the front with my bud, and we held each other up waiting for the starting gun. Whe the gun fired we rode fast, but I was getting passed on both sides. One guy passes on my right, scraping me the whole way. I just recover from that when another guy goes by on the left and takes my handlebars with him. Down I go. When I stopped tumbling, I saw my bike still 5 feet off the ground and spinning. My first thought is to get up and get riding. Well, I was on my back and tried to push myself up, and only the right arm pushed. I just layed back down and waited for the medic. Turns out I had split my left collar bone into three pieces. Pretty much season over in May. The funny part is, I was in a bike shop about 6 months later and heard these guys talking about this spectacular crash in a mountain bike race. Turns out they were talking about me. Made it sound like I was lucky to be walking.

They other one was in a road race -- the district championships. This was my first race on my custom Ti Cycles Softride. Any way, things were pretty uneventful for the first several miles. I had been at the front for too long and decided to take a break in the pack. I was in the middle of the pack, riding the bar tops (tip -- don't do this in the pack), going up a gentle incline, when the leaders decide they want to back off. Cascade effect back 3 rows and I've overlapped wheels with my hands no where near my brakes. Wheel contact (with a team mate no less), and I'm thinking "If I move my hands to get the brakes, I'm going down. Just hope you're not pedalling will take you back far enough." Again, tip -- if you get anywhere near wheel contact, stand up and move the bike back a little to clear. So anyway, 3 seconds seemed like 30, and I went down sideways (on the left side again), taking probably 8 guys down as well (half of them being on my team). One went into the ditch but rode out of it to stay with the pack. One went over the bars after running over my leg (I never even felt it -- he's one of the lightest guys in this area), one said he ran over my head, one broke his collar bone. I looked up to see the grill of the follow car about 5 feet from my face. Well, one of my team mates was checking MY bike to make sure it was rideable, and he towed me up to speed. When the pack was in sight, they actually slowed to let me catch back on (don't ever say there isn't any honor in the pack), and there was a solo off the front! When I caught on, they looked at me with concern to ask if I was okay, since I was bleeding from my head. I asked if it was bad, they said it didn't look too bad, so I said "let's ride." I ended up pretty spent for the final sprint, but I finished with the lead pack. This incident has been dubbed "Team Crash" by the old timers on the team. Funny thing about that one, I won the crit the next day (due to some super blocking from my team mates), wearing one arm warmer and the opposite leg warmer to hold on the bandages.
Certainly not my favorite, but my most bizarreMcAndrus
Oct 25, 2001 11:42 AM
I've crashed a few times in my biking life. Hit a car door being opened once and end-od over the door - my fault. Got pushed off the road once by a car who came up alongside me and then kept moving right - his fault and I didn't catch the license because I had the foresight to flip and roll onto my back into the grass alongside the road. (Pretty close to the way Ullrich flipped when he missed a corner in the Tour this year. That's as close as anyone will ever get to comparing us.)

Most interesting was the phone line. Riding on a quiet road outside Holland, Michigan, with my head down into the wind doing 19 mph. I know because I looked at my computer just before I looked up.

... and saw a thin black line at handlebar level about 20 feet in front of me. In the second that lasts a lifetime I realized exactly what it was; a telephone line that had drooped down into the road.

I hit the brakes and lowered my body trying to get under it but no luck. The moments I'll always remember were watching the phone line hit the top of my hands and ride up my wrists, forearms, and shoulders.

The phone line caught me in the throat and took me right off of the bike - in one instant. I crashed on my left side and fortunately my chin didn't do too much damage to the asphalt.

My left front tooth is still chipped. I've had people suggest I get it fixed but it's kind of a badge of honor thing.
I was 10mr_spin
Oct 25, 2001 2:40 PM
Riding my bike down the street one day, I was totally concentrated on something (I forget what). I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, so when I finally looked up, it was microseconds before I slammed into the back of a parked car. I flew over the bars and ended up on the trunk, a little dazed, but otherwise unhurt. I climbed off and looked around for any witnesses. Thankfully, there were none. I straightened the handle bars out, and rode off on my merry way.

The image of the car the moment before impact is still burned into my brain.
"Synchronized Dorks"lonefrontranger
Oct 25, 2001 7:44 PM
A teammate and I had just finished a tough, rainy district crit. The Cat IV men had pretty thoroughly hazed the women's field (stupid promoter decided to combine fields to save time). It was a good-sized districts, with 60 or so men in the IV race, and 15 or 20 in the women's field. Total chaos, and one girl got put over the barriers by the guys to the tune of a broken arm and bike.

Anyhow, we're on identical bikes in identical Barbie-sque pink and purple skinsuits (WHY must women's teams perpetrate these crimes of fashion upon their riders?!). We also both happened to have the same helmet and similar blonde ponytails.

Just as we're about to roll off the curb to post our grievance with the official, someone in the stands hollers "Bikes Coming!" (there weren't). Both of us stop, look to our right, then gracefully and simultaneously keel over, in the same direction, into the street. Naturally this was done right in front of the bleachers, which (oddly enough) for a rainy day were surprisingly full.

Stars on Ice? No, Dorks on Bikes.
re: Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out storyColuber
Oct 25, 2001 10:39 PM
My first car accident: I was in tenth grade on the way to school, late for my first class. It was pouring down rain, I was going probably a bit too fast downhill in heavy Washington, DC rush hour traffic, visibility sucked, and on top of that, I hadnt gotten around to adjusting my brakes even though I knew they needed it. So I was careening down the hill in front of the Vice President's Residence and Naval Observatory, when this British diplomat decided to turn into the British Embassy, which shares a driveway thing with the VP's residence. She turned in front of me and cut me off, not having seen me. I slammed on the brakes but just couldnt stop in time; I managed to swerve a bit, so I hit her car obliquely on the side, went flying over her hood as my bike went off to the other side. Miraculously, my bike wasnt damaged in the slightest, and I was unhurt, although I maganged to bash off the entire side mirror and antenna of the car, and break the wipers as I went flying across her hood. The whole thing was witnessed by several police officers, some in cars and some on bikes, as well as a number of secret service guys as well. Needless to say, by the time they all got my name and address, etc, down to the brand, model, serial number and color of my bike, I was two hours late to school. But after that, every morning when I rode by there, the secret service guys would wave to me as I rode by.
Delivering newspapers on my 10 speed...Kevin M
Oct 26, 2001 5:19 AM
Back in the 70s I used to deliver the local paper after school on my ten speed. We used those large canvas tote-bag/messenger bags slung over one shoulder. I had a full load of about 50 papers (at least 30lbs on this day because they sent out shopping circulars). This was long before I used toe-clips or a helmet. The best way to carry the bag was to prop it on my lower back, lean forward, and ride on the brake hoods. Well... On my route I had to cross some railroad tracks. While crossing - the double bump caused the bag to shift to my left and slide off my back. As it swung, it hit my forward left leg, and push my foot into the spokes of my front wheel. I did my first ever endo and went over the handlebars into the middle of the road. Luckily I had tucked my head and landed on my shoulder and back and rolled. This was at least ten years before I ever saw a mountain bike!
re: Hope this isn't taboo or played out: Favorite Wipe-out storyAndy M-S
Oct 26, 2001 6:34 AM
Two spectacular events come to mind:

1. I'm 10 years old, riding my stingray-style bike with the funky high sisybar I've just added. Little do I realize that when replacing the bananna seat, I failed to secure the seatpost clamp. So I'm essentially sitting on the saddle which is sitting on (not secured to) the seatpost.

I decide to push back against my new bar. Instantly, as the bananna comes off the post, the sissy bar is converted into an ejection seat slide, and I slide down it, off the bike, and into the street.

Fortunately, the car behind me saw it happen and was going slow enough to stop. The bike stopped thirty or forty feet down the road...

2. I'm 21, riding near the U of Minnesota (TC) campus on my 10-speed Raleigh. Not thinking about it (the bike is pretty new) I cross some very diagonally-laid grade-level railroad tracks, tracks that are precisely the right size to capture a careless 27x1-1/4 tire. ENDO! I do manage to escape having the bike land on me, but that hurt! The bike, surprisingly, survived essentially unscathed (and served me well for another 10 years!), as did the little camera (Rollei 35) that I was carrying at the time.
Over the bars at 40mph, bounce, bounce, bounce, broken stuff.javagenki
Oct 26, 2001 1:24 PM
High speed tree hugging. . .js5280
Oct 26, 2001 2:31 PM
This was back when I was a kid, I think the 4th grade in Va. Beach, VA (Navy Brat). My bicycle was bright yellow and red, Bannana seat, and had "Hot Rod" on the chain protector. Yep it was the 70's ;-) Anyway, down by my school there was a path where the kid built jumps. I was down there honing my flight technique and had built up a bunch of speed for this particularly large jump. Of course you have to clear that pit behind it where the dirt came from and land on the flat, no X-games back then to learn proper jump building technique.

Anyways, I cleared the pit but lost control of the bike on the landing. I managed to stay rolling, unfortuantely headed directly for a rather large tree. Sure enough, my front wheel slams straight into the tree, the back end comes up, and I swear it had to hit the tree, and the bike and I roll over to the ground. My friends, dismayed by the ensuing carnage, run over to see if I'm okay. Somehow, and I don't know how, not a scratch! I just start laughing with my heart pounding away. Picked up the bike and kept riding. I loved that neighboorhood, it was the first place I'd ever seen that had asphalt trails throughout the neighborhoods. Moved back there about 8 years later and bought my first MTB bike. Since then I've endo'd a number of times but always land on my feet. I am El Gato ;-)
I've had a few, but my Dad will never forget this one....look271
Oct 27, 2001 8:04 AM
I'm in college, over summer break, late 70's. I am riding home from work on my Fuji Gran Tourer. I am flying down the road and carve artfully onto into our developement when the rear goes out from under me and I go sliding across the road. A little road rash,nothing too bad. Hope no one saw me. Oops! A guy in a PP&L (Pa power and light) car yells "you ok?" Yeah, I'm alright. Next day dad comes home from work (guess where he worked?) saying "Goody" said "I saw some kid take one hell-of-a-spill"! Dad replied, "yeah, "that kid" is my son." A day in infamy.