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Spinning bike vs trainer(2 posts)

Spinning bike vs trainerMike51
Oct 25, 2001 6:13 AM
When I use a stationary bike I get a good aerobic
workout, but I can't work my leg muscles as hard as I
would like. I spin at about 90-100 rpm, with intervals
of low cadence standing.

Would I be able to work my legs better with a trainer
or rollers? I am wondering if the change in position
from upright on the stationary to on-the-bike using a
trainer or rollers would make a difference in training
effect on the muscles.
re: Spinning bike vs trainerLC
Oct 25, 2001 9:51 AM
The biggest difference is that the fit and position is usually better on the trainer. You work the leg, butt, back and even arms much different on your real bike because of the more aero position. Sliding just one inch forward or back on your seat when you are out riding can change the way you use the muscles and it is quite natural to slide back when climbing a steep hill, and unless you pay attention to it you may not even notice it.

As far a trainer vs rollers, that is different too. The rollers are more like real riding in that you have to use stabalizing muscles to balance and also the potential to crash too. Usually there is less resistance to rollers, so you are working on spinning and you cannot zone out or you will crash. The added danger is appealing to some and prevents some of the boredom.

The trainer can provide enough resistance to make it feel like you are climbing a hill, and even do standing if you like. You can also work on one leg spin which will help you do full circles instead of squares when you get back on the real road. If you have to pick one like most people, the trainer is better, but the rollers do have benifit too. I like to zone out and watch a movie, so rollers are not for my taste.