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Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?(6 posts)

Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?Duane Gran
Oct 25, 2001 5:00 AM
I'm doing a weekend of riding near Fancy Gap, VA this weekend. It is around mile marker 189 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Me and my crew of cycling buddies really enjoy mountain riding, so this should be great.

Does anyone have any suggestions for "don't miss" rides in the area? I've looked for a bike club around there to ask, but couldn't find one. In general, what is the Blue Ridge Parkway pretty good for riding? Many thanks!
re: Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?Lone Gunman
Oct 25, 2001 7:12 AM
I was only on the BRP for a few short miles last year, but during the weekends I have heard there can be alot of traffic and it is not a very wide road, during the week, wide open little traffic. A beautiful stretch of road, mountain vistas and pull over spots. A few years ago I had to deliver a Mazda Miata to Florida and had a few days to do it, took the BRP for about 4 hours in the late fall. Top down cruising, definitely burnt some tires and brakes. Wonderful drive and actually got me thinking of riding in NC as I encountered several riders on the route. There is a book out by a guy that rode the length of the BRP and think it gives details. Try typing in bicycle riding on BRP or something and see what comes up.
re: Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?Lone Gunman
Oct 25, 2001 7:52 AM
Contact the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, unsure if they have a site, saw a post on the Cycle North Carolina message board about loops in the mts of western Carolina.
re: Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?Dream plus
Oct 25, 2001 8:27 AM
There is some fun riding North of Fancy Gap. If you ride up from the James River (800')to the Peaks of Otter it is a continuous @10 mile climb to the highest pt on the Prkway in Va (3900'). The ride down is fun too but ALOT cooler(temp). This is a good ride to do Friday afternoon on the way down. Wekends can be pretty busy. South of Fancy Gap the riding around Blowing Rock/Lynnville is pretty scenic especially if you take the time to enjoy it. It's pretty high there (up to 5000'). One nice thing about the parkway is how well it's graded and how well set up the curves are. Because of this it never really gets too steep up or down and you can really let go going down. Have fun. Mike
re: Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?ridgerider
Oct 27, 2001 9:05 AM
You can't go wrong on the Parkway in either direction from Fancy Gap. Riding south from Fancy Gap on the Parkway into NC is nice. The ascent into Doughton Park (miles 230-240) is beautiful. The main problems you'll run into on the Parkway this time of year are: 1) Lots of leaf peepers who may not have their eyes on the road and 2) Extreme shifts in weather, especially gusty winds. Expect lots of motorized company on the Parkway on an October weekend. Sundays are quiet in the a.m. on the Parkway but traffic picks up dramatically around noon. Enjoy!
re: Riding advice near Fancy Gap, VA?floyd
Nov 3, 2001 9:41 AM
There are good climbing rides in the area (mile marker 210 - 168) ...thou not much in between. If you like climbing the gap loops are good ...the mongrel dogs motivate your speedwork!

Does anyone have good elevation source for the BRP calibrated to the mail markers?