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Is Tange still around? And what do you think of this frame:(4 posts)

Is Tange still around? And what do you think of this frame:TheWanderer
Oct 24, 2001 8:52 PM

I'm thinking Ultimate Prestige was pretty good tubing, no? Therefore it's safe to assume that this has to be a reputable manufacturers bike, otherwise tubing that good would not be used. Regardless, it's only $45, right? Any opinions?
re: Is Tange still around? And what do you think of this frame:badabill
Oct 25, 2001 6:06 AM
Tange was a good tube set in its day. Prestige is double butted and a quality steel. For the price you cant go wrong. I have a Marin MTB made out of the same steel that has served me great for years.
I've got two of themvanzutas
Oct 25, 2001 6:25 AM
The bikes I ride now are both made of tange. my Specialized stumpjumper mountain bike is TIG welded Prestige tubing and it is a quality frame that has withstood a beating. The stumpjumper was at the top of their line. The top tube is dented where the handlebars hit it but it has given me no problems. Oh and my mountain bike is about 7 years old and my road bike is over ten years old.

Nice dealNessism
Oct 25, 2001 9:13 AM
Prestige tubing came in many different wall thicknesses and diamaters. The Ultimate configuration is a short butt oversize diamater configuration as I recall. Overall, very high grade tubing.
This frame sounds like a great deal. Some kind of seat post clamp will be needed. I also wouldn't count on the clear finish to hold up. Maybe find a local framebuilder to weld on a seat post clamp and then send it out for a nice paint job? Good luck.