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HELP... Upgrade Shimano 8spd to Shimano 9spd(5 posts)

HELP... Upgrade Shimano 8spd to Shimano 9spdDutchy
Oct 24, 2001 8:33 PM
I am currently running an Ultegra 8spd bike, and would like to upgrade to 9spd.
Apart from changing the cassette and the chain, do I have to change the shifters and the
rear derailleur?
Has anyone done this? I realise it isn't that necessary but it's something I want to do if
it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.

re: HELP... Upgrade Shimano 8spd to Shimano 9spdBirddog
Oct 24, 2001 9:04 PM
Ultegra Upgrade kits are available mail order for about $296 (Performance). You might be able to do better by shopping around. The kit consists of a new rear derailleur, shifter, chain, and cassette. Recommended but not included is a new small chainring. It is not that hard to do, especially if you have a good book like Zinn's.
Thankyou. nmDutchy
Oct 24, 2001 10:12 PM
Oct 25, 2001 7:33 AM
It is also available from Excel Sports for $279.00

Oct 25, 2001 5:44 PM
If you don't mind some Ultegra levers that are a few years old (still brand new, 9spd, just a model year or 2 back) - 6501s, 1st gen Flight Deck, there're some from I just got it on their "hotsheet". Then you could put together a kit, and using an on sale part from Performance (I think their r.der. is on sale now), and a casette from Parker Int'l, theirs is about $10 cheaper. If you don't need new tires or something, the shipping would cancel any savings, but buying a pair of GP3000s with it will make the shipping worth it. With all of this, you can make a kit for about $230, if you act now while stuff's on sale. Of course if you need the new dark colored Ultegra levers the Excel deal is the way to go.

And then there's always used...