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Going to the TDF next summer, sooooo stoked.(7 posts)

Going to the TDF next summer, sooooo stoked.Largo
Oct 24, 2001 7:37 PM
Looks like i'll be in Norway for the last couple weeks in July, and the 1st week in August (as long as things don't get too messed up)
Going to meet up with some buds and check out a mountain finish or two, i see Mt. Ventoux will be back this year.
I really want to ride Alpe d'Huez, then i can be really impressed by LA's ride this year.
Just had to share my enthusiasm.
Say "Hi" to JU for me!!Cima Coppi
Oct 25, 2001 5:26 AM
Have fun, and good luck riding on l'Alpe d'Huez. The TdF riders won't race on it next year, but its a once in a lifetime chance for any avid cyclist.

I am already beginning to think about key days on next years TdF, and the stage that stands out the most is Bourg d'Oisans-La Plagne. If any of you recall in the 1987 TdF, it appeared as though Pedro Delgado secured his TdF victory on the final climb up to La Plagne, but Stephen Roche rode his heart out and only lost less than 10 seconds. He had to be airlifted to the hospital that night to re-hydrate and recover. A couple of days later, Roche burned Delgado in the final ITT, he dawned the maillot jaune, and one the TdF. In my mind it was one of the best TdF's in the past 20 years. Hopefully, next year, this stage will provide equally as much excitement as it did 14 years ago!

Have fun in France, Largo!! Make certain you give us a full report when you return.

Don't forget 1995mr_spin
Oct 25, 2001 8:23 AM
Yeah, 1987 was the year Roche won the triple: the Tour, the Giro, and the World Championships.

In 1995 there was another epic run up La Plagne. Zulle goes off on a solo break and makes it to the line with 2 minutes to spare on a charging Miguel Indurain, who was on a solo attack of his own to try to keep his newly won yellow jersey.

It should be the key stage this year. In 1995, Lance Armstrong (pre-cancer) actually went off on a mid-race attack to catch Zulle, but failed and ended up almost 18 minutes down. I think it will be a little different for him this year!
you do know they don't have same day registration?Dog
Oct 25, 2001 5:39 AM
Just kidding. Have fun. We'll expect full reports and photos.

The digital cam is coming along.Largo
Oct 25, 2001 7:00 AM
Expect lots of up close type shots.
Hope the world situation clears up, though, or no go.
Does it go through Norway this year? nmmr_spin
Oct 25, 2001 7:14 AM
Norway has a summer? (nm)bikedodger
Oct 25, 2001 7:25 AM