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BlackBottoms Bibs (brand Name)(4 posts)

BlackBottoms Bibs (brand Name)Texbaz
Oct 23, 2001 6:21 PM
I saw A rider with some BlackBottoms cycling shorts at a rest stop this past weekend they looked decent, didn't get a chance to ask where they were purchased from. The Reviews here on RBR seem to be about 1 year since anyone has reviewed them, just curious anyone have anything good or bad to say about them, and were can one find them online.
licktons $43.95pfw2
Oct 23, 2001 7:14 PM
re: BlackBottoms Bibs (brand Name)dsc
Oct 23, 2001 7:38 PM
I bought some BlackBottoms shorts a couple of years ago at Triathlete Zombies in Santa Monica. They have since stopped carrying them, and I was under the impression that BlackBottoms went out of business.
I really did like the shorts - heavy weight, 8 panel, nice chamois, etc. The only (slight) downside, with the shorts at least, was that the waist wasn't cut lower in front, like the PI's. Other than that, I would buy them (shorts) again, if I could find them.

re: BlackBottoms Bibs (brand Name)cyclinseth
Oct 24, 2001 5:29 AM
If you can find them I'd say get a pair. I've had about 6 pairs of their shorts over the years and I don't think much comes close in the price range. I've since switched to bibs but still have 4 old, worn out pair. I should replace them with their bibs.

By the way I've found that my shorts are cut lower in front.