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Legs Anyone?(12 posts)

Legs Anyone?Newbominable
Oct 23, 2001 3:55 PM
How do you turn chicken legs into muscular legs that look like a pro's. I know most responses will be to ride many miles, but are there anyone secrets or shortcuts? Any tricks up your sleeve? Come on Stud men tell me how to build some legs.
There's a big genetic componentcory
Oct 23, 2001 4:14 PM
You can tone and build muscle by the usual methods. Resistance training (weightlifting) using relatively high weights and low reps helps to build bulk that cycling (low resistance and high reps) doesn't. I never can stick with it long enough to see if it helps in riding, but I can sprint and handle short, steep "power" climbs better if I lift.
If you're thinking huge offensive-lineman quads, though, there's a lot of genetics in those, and often some steroids. Strength gains come quickly at first when you start lifting, but bulk comes slowly, at least for me. Just be patient and stick with it.
It depend on your geneticsDutchy
Oct 23, 2001 6:06 PM
Some people (myself included) can work out all day and night and hardly show any real muscle definition.
I use to go to the gym about 10 years ago, I went 4-5 times per week and lifted some
serious weight for my 56kg frame. After two years of this the only thing I gained was a Hernia.
I would do hundreds of sit ups per day, and it made very little difference.
My body is not designed to have good muscle definition. The legs aren't much better.
A guy at work who doesn't do ANY exercise other than walking his dog, has got amazingly huge calf muscles.
Another friend has a 6 pack set of abs, but doesn't do any sit ups.
Let's face it, it's just not fair:-)
Hernia?Stewart Kaufman
Oct 24, 2001 7:53 AM
Not to discount the impact of genetics, but one would have to suspect that if you got a hernia (or experienced any type of chronic discomfort)from lifting that you weren't doing it right.
Oct 24, 2001 5:15 PM
The thing is, I was lifting correctly. I started to get some pain in my left lower tummy area.
I figured it was just muscle pain I spoke to the instructor (who was supposedly trained
at Uni in physiology and a few other areas) and he said I was doing everything OK.
So I continued until one day this little lump appears, and I find out it's a Hernia.
I had surgery and started cycling, I haven't touched weights since.

re: Legs Anyone?Dog Welder
Oct 23, 2001 7:13 PM
I got 18 inch calves relaxed, tensed probably add an inch or two to that figure. i got my legs from 8 years of Taekwondo when I was a kid. Only recently when I started working out seriously did people actually comment on the size of my legs. Just remember if you want to get larger calves. you have to lift at least 3-4 times your body weight to build any mass. The reason for this is one calf can easily lift your weight therefore two calves on the calf raise machine should be able to lift twice your body weight without any problem. Hence 3-4 times your body weight to see some gains.
re: Legs Anyone?k mand
Oct 24, 2001 8:22 AM
Tae Kwon Do helped me also but I have been fortunate to have big calves and quads before hand. Never needed to use weights but I find resistance training on a bike or trainer has provided the biggest improvement.

Push the lactic acid threshhold.
I can tell you what helped me.Leisure
Oct 24, 2001 1:26 AM
There are two basic things that have really helped me:
For much of college I was big on weightlifting and was too young to afford a bike that actually functioned. I don't actually think weightlifting is a huge deal for cycling proficiency, but some aspects can help. What helped me more than anything was deep squats of 8-15 reps. It won't do a whole lot for endurance, but in the application of cycling it will help build resilient strength and tone throughout your range of motion. That's the theory at least, and it seemed to correlate well with my experiences. I could push harder at select parts of the ride when I needed and also could recover that strength more easily without having to stop cold. Fewer reps than this can also help instantaneous strength but I figure it would be harder to use and recover while pedaling. Higher reps build endurance, but if you're already riding it's kind of redundant.
The second thing that helped me a lot was two-fold: Diligent pacing and refusing to use a granny gear. Lord knows which one helped me more because they happened at the same time. I simply pedaled more slowly in a harder gear to force my muscles to develop strong endurance (the slow-twitch fiber thing). This often meant pedaling ridiculously slow, but for me it was hugely beneficial because my cardio was always my weakness anyway. I could continue to give my legs a hard endurance work-out while cheating my anaerobic threshold. It also bridged my muscles nicely from the weight-training exercises above. This was when I started to see huge gains in my endurance.
When I've stopped riding too long I go back to this second part and I recover fairly quickly. Not having met you, seen your build, or ridden with you, I can make the generic suggestion of trying this half first, and if it doesn't work on it's own try adding the weight-training component. But we're all built different as has already been touched on, so what worked perfectly for me may be less beneficial in your situation. It will always depend on hard work, but some paths are more efficient for different people.
Weightliftingkeyser soze
Oct 24, 2001 5:09 AM
If you want to build up muscle you'll have to spend some time with weights. Dedicate a good portion of your workout, or even two entire workouts a week, just to your legs. Do a variety of exercises - not just squats. Do your squats but also do leg presses, extensions, curls, lunges, hack squats, calve raises. The key is to make sure that, as with any other body part, you fully work the muscles using varying exercises. You'll have to use some heavier weights - and stick with it. A couple weeks won't do much, a couple months will.
Oct 24, 2001 7:14 AM
I've lifted weights off and on since my teens. With the exercises listed above you should be able to build mass in your legs. The only thing that I would say is it's all about form and recovery. Get a magazine or talk to a trainer on how to
properly do these exercises, especially the squats, way too
many people do them wrong and end up hurting their back or knees. Also muscles need time to repair so if you start lifting you are going to have to adjust your riding to allow
for some downtime for those legs.
Oct 24, 2001 7:14 AM
OK Then.

Try this.

The Duck Deadlift of a Box.

It'll give you eye poping quads

Train 6 days a week. (Sunday Off)

20 sets x 5 Reps x 80% 1 Rep Max

Post Exercise, take BioTest Surge.

Happy leg building.

If you cannot do the above drill, let me know your bra size and what color knickers you were.

re: Legs Anyone?filtersweep
Oct 24, 2001 4:53 PM
"to ride many miles" will just give you ripped chicken legs!

Do you just want your legs to "look like the pros" or function like the pros?- you could always opt for "calve implants."