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Who needs skiing??? Euro-style Russian winter cycling fun!!!(3 posts)

Who needs skiing??? Euro-style Russian winter cycling fun!!!Woof the dog
Oct 23, 2001 12:03 AM
When I lived there as a kiddo, I had a small booklet my dad got me. It was, of course, about bikes. It described you the basics: wool shorts, special shoes, how to bunnyhop rocks while strapped in even showed how you should wear a cycling cap: with a visor up in the back...who thought of helmets back then? What I remember quite distinctively is a funky design for riding in the snow. The picture showed a short ski with special wooden(?) blocks that allowed a front wheel to be firmly planted on top of that ski. The ski was held to the wheel with 2 thin straps/belts - each went through the holes in the blocks and around the rim. You used your rear tire to do all the breaking and pushing (d'uh!). I bet you'd want to somehow stop the front wheel from turning. How about tightening a front break cable, or just using wire to tie the wheel to the fork?
I never tried it, but apparently it was made for riding on snowy roads. If you've ever been there, you'd know that roads don't get cleaned too often due to a lack of funds in the highway dept. rather than a lot of snow. This idea is probably not new, and maybe not totally Russian, I don't know. I wanna try it out come snow!!!!!!! Mtn. bike would do a better job IMO. I am already thinking a/ cruising down a hill carving into a thin powder with a gentle and smooth lean onto the bars. Too much powder would slow you down though. So, whachya thinkin'? Ever heard of this? Sounds like snowmobiling sort of thing.

Woof the eurodawg.
re: Why??cyclopathic
Oct 23, 2001 2:51 AM
my mtb is just fine. it sucks tho when fresh powder gets hub deep 2-4" are fun!

You can ride through winter and if it gets icy get studed tires
Nokia makes 'em Finish style?

Also you can make your own out of old tire need nails and duct tape :o)
re: Who needs skiing??? Euro-style Russian winter cycling fun!!!Canada
Oct 23, 2001 8:01 AM
There is a company who makes a ski like you are talking about.
I saw it at my LBS last winter. I cant remember exactly how it
attached but it replaced your front wheel so I think it must
attach to your fork.
I am going to the shop today, I'll ask about it and post the
info later.