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Newbie bike..I got some possible.(6 posts)

Newbie bike..I got some possible.Dog Welder
Oct 22, 2001 4:18 PM
Okay folks I posted here a while ago and now I'm back> I've finished my move to Pasadena, CA. I just got back from Velo Pasadena. They got a great selection but their staff talk a good talk. I felt like I walked into a car dealership. Anyways They got two bikes that they said they could build up for me

1. F. Moser - Leader AX with Oria Double Butted Steel. Fillet Brazed. It has a sticker that translates to 1991 Champion of the Giro de Italia. It has two paint chips near the bb but no visible rust. $700

2. Mino Denti - Squadra made out of lugged Columbus steel. No other details except the steerer of the steel fork looks a bit rusted. $500

Both bikes are old school lookin' Dunno if that is a sign that the bike is actually OLD.

They will be building up with Campy Daytona.

Over all they will include Campy Grupo wheels, bars tape, basically full build up for a thousand dollars over the price listed above. Dunno what parts aside from the groupo will be on the bike.

So what do you all think? Mind you that these bikes look old school. Are these good buys? Anyone ever deal with Velo Pasadena? they are on Colorado Blvd. near Sierra Madre in Pasadena. They are like used car dealers in the way they push their product. I'm not a big fan of that but if that they way they just are I will accept it. Is the owner legit ? Thanks. all.
re: Newbie bike..I got some possible.cioccman
Oct 22, 2001 4:38 PM
I'm very familiar with them. Please feel free to email me for any further info. I might not get back to an email until tomorrow.
Oct 22, 2001 4:56 PM
Ebay kicks ass for used road bikesMoney D
Oct 23, 2001 4:36 AM
You can get a kick-ass bike for that much money on ebay if you know what you're looking for and if you're patient. I don't have personal experience w/ those bikes, but it sounds like can do better.
My two cents.
Sounds like a lot of doughmickey-mac
Oct 23, 2001 5:14 AM
I've only been in Velo Pasadena a few times, but I did notice that their prices seem very high. The same seems to hold true for these two bikes they're offering you. Check to see what you can get NEW in the same price range. Or, as someone else suggested, try ebay. At least shop around first. If you need any help, I'm in the LA area and might have some insight that would assist. Happy shopping.
re: Newbie bike..I got some possible.Warren128
Oct 23, 2001 10:15 AM
The F. Moser is nice, I've never heard of Mino Denti. At first read, these prices sound just a bit high. My friend recently bought a custom fitted, custom ordered 2001 Torelli Countach (Italian, tig-welded, Columbus tubing) with Daytona racing triple group for $1700 brand new. I actually thought THAT was a bit much too, but then he got the custom fitting and personalized service for his LBS.