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Good Interbike coverage for Road bikes(7 posts)

Good Interbike coverage for Road bikesDave Hickey
Oct 22, 2001 12:01 PM
I came upon this site and thought I'd share. It is mostly road bikes
Thanks! I'd been looking for such a link.nigel
Oct 22, 2001 12:26 PM
Very good coverage; some great-looking bikes.

Cheers for passing it along to the group.

Would like your comment on the light Giantcioccman
Oct 22, 2001 12:39 PM
Man, 13 is light, but do you think that rear der would stretch out to accomodate the 23 or 25 or 27 rear sprocket???? I can't say for sure, but I truly don't think so!!!!!! That chain is too short near as I can tell.

So, 13 1/5 or so, could be worse though depending upon what other little trickies they performed that will make the rig not work, e.g., removing insides from pedals, insides from shifters, etc..... still, not too shabby!
The chain looks like a rush job for the showDave Hickey
Oct 22, 2001 1:00 PM
I cannot see how that chain would shift. It looks maxed out now and it's on the 11t(12t)cog. I'd like to see a production version of the bike. Even if you were to add standard wheels and cranks, your still looking at a sub 15lb bike
The chain looks like a rush job for the showcioccman
Oct 22, 2001 4:41 PM
I agree completely. No way you're shifting up more than a gear or so. Lots of little tricks those guys do with a bike that'll be only for show and never ridden.
I agree, Cioccman.nigel
Oct 23, 2001 7:20 AM
It sure is a super-looking bike, but I noticed the odd rear-derailleur angle as well. As you said, adding a REAL chain, etc. would only add 1/4 pound to it, and you've still got a bike as light as only brakeless track bikes used to weigh. WOW! I wonder if it either climbs effortlessly or descends SCARILY. I'd venture to guess both. My 17-pounder is light enough (I think!); can't see descending a fast hill on something only weighing in at 13 lbs., though (or maybe I can--hee hee).

They sure have their stuff together, though. My TCR sure is comfortable; they've done their homework. What a gimmick for a show, too!

cables, tooDog
Oct 23, 2001 10:29 AM
looks like the cables have minimum length, too; doubt you'd be able to turn the bars without ripping something loose

Anyone can build a light bike. Still better, is a light "rideable" bike, and better yet, a "raceable" bike.

My Bianchi EV2 set up for climbing is 14.1 pounds, and that's complete with an XTR cassette and rear derailleur, and Look pedals. Super light, skimpy wheels, tires, and tubes, though. It feels a little squirrely on the short descents between the big hills. It was pushing the limits of reliability, but then this was for an event where back up bikes were always immediately available. No problems, nonetheless.

Under 15 pounds can be had completely reliable and raceable. Under 14 and things start getting a little sketchy (for this 155 pound rider, at least).