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Follow-up tire question for Elefantino(7 posts)

Follow-up tire question for Elefantinodsc
Oct 21, 2001 4:24 PM

First, thank you for taking the time to reply to my tire question from the other day. I appreciate all of the positive input from the other posters, regarding the quality of the Axial Pros (LBS agrees), but I was hoping to get some other responses regarding experiences with belted tires (for the puncture protection aspect of my question),
for comparison sake.
How would you say the Forte kevlars handle, compared to a non-belted tire? Any appreciable differences?
BTW, I'm pretty new to this board, but I have read some of your posts, and found them very informative (and funny :))
Hope your recovery is going well, and that you are back on the bike soon.

re: Follow-up tire question for ElefantinoDINOSAUR
Oct 21, 2001 6:36 PM
Not to jump in front of Elefantino, I've used the Performance Forte Pro Kevlars since the beginning of summer.
My experience (taking in mind that we all ride different type roads) is that they were harder riding than my old Conti GP3000's. My first rear tire lasted about 600 miles and the tire casing developed a large bulge so I trashed it.
The second rear tire lasted about 600 miles also and the side wall started to show some ripples, so I trashed it. I replaced the rear tire with a used Conti GP3000, and I noticed the difference in ride quality immediately. Smoother riding and not as jaring. I still have a Forte Kevlar on my front rim. I'm going to continue using Conti's on the rear and the Forte Pro Kevlar on the front. The majority of roads I ride are chip seal. The Forte's wore out very rapidly. Although I only paid $19.00 a piece for the Forte's, I was hoping on getting around 1K out of them.
I know some riders that use a Conti GP3000 on the rear and a Conti Ultra 2000 on the front. Trouble is you can't rotate, but I found rotating didn't add that much mileage for my tires anyway. If you can get the Forte's at the price I did, it might be worth the experiment. My experience with tires is that you pay for what you get IMHO.
re: Follow-up tire question for ElefantinoElefantino
Oct 21, 2001 7:48 PM
Considering that I was riding Forte Kevlars when I had my accident — I managed to not avoid hitting a tree branch in the road — any talk about how they handle on my part should be taken with a grain of salt.
Seriously... I had been riding Conti Ultra 2000s before and had flat after flat after flat and then a bulge in the rear sidewall. A riding buddy turned me on to PFKs, and I can honestly say I don't notice much difference out on the road. But a) I no longer race and b) I blew all my money on my Trek 5200 (not to mention medical deductibles) so I look for value. As we speak, my Flight Deck shows 1,282 miles on the current set of PFKs and they look great. Plus, no flats on this pair, knock on wood. Maybe I'm not as hard on tires as others, but I am 6-5, 210, and I ride them at 110 psi.
Hope this helps.
Thanks guys.dsc
Oct 21, 2001 9:34 PM
Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply. Down here, the road hazards are mostly glass, crap that falls off of construction trucks, and the occasional thorn. But overall the roads themselves aren't that rough, so I don't think that the Forte's would wear as quickly here as they did where you are, Dinosaur. For the price, and the fact that there's a Performance shop here local, I think I'll give them a try. I can always shell out the big(ger) bucks later.

I'm no Elefantinotarwheel
Oct 22, 2001 4:26 AM
But I tried Performance Kevlars for a while. I agree with others that they don't handle as well as Axial Pros or Contis, but it's not that big a difference. I didn't leave mine on long enough to attest to the wear. The problem I had is that the yellow sidewalls got really grungy looking after only a short while. It may be only cosmetic, but considering you might be using the set of tires for several months to a year or more, it's something to consider.
Dealing with grungeElefantino
Oct 22, 2001 6:37 AM
Orange Clean works really well. I use a scrubby pad and it gets the yellow yellow again.

Yes, I am that anal. But image is everything, at least that's what Andre Agassi used to say.
Forte tires, different models.....DINOSAUR
Oct 22, 2001 9:19 AM
There might be confusion on Performance Forte tires. There are four different models:

Forte Pro Kevlar
Forte Pro
Forte Kevlar

I've had experience with the Forte Pro Kevlars only. The tires with the yellow tire casing are the Forte and the Forte Kevlar.

For what it's worth the best wearing tire I've used is the Conti GP3000 with the ugly yellow tire tread. The yellow tread gets grungy and dirty looking. I pulled mine off as I just got tired of looking at them.

I've read that the problem with cheap tires is the tire casing tends to have imperfections. This seems to be true in my own experience, or perhaps I just had bad batch.

I also weigh 210, inflate to 130 psi to avoid rim punctures, ride chip sealed mountain roads which tend to eat up tires fast.

Tires seem to be subjective to your body weight and type of roads and riding you do.

I guess you have to experiment and see what works for you.
You might click on the Performance web site for clarification on the different Forte tires.

I guess ugly means it lasts forever, that's the way it always works for me....