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Guru vs Others(4 posts)

Guru vs OthersCanada
Oct 20, 2001 3:00 PM
I am a mountain biker,(sorry)that has recently became extremly
interested in road bikes and am planning to buy one.
Here is my problem. I have looked at so many bikes that my eyes have glazed over and I am very confused. I want as much
bike as I can afford and I think it should have at least 105
components. My favourite bike shop , where I have bought all
my mountain bikes sells Guru and the owner says that the Guru is a much better frame than other similarly equipped bikes, but it also is a fair bit more expensive. My question to you is would it really be worth the extra money vs the other bikes out there. Thanks for your help. Canada
re: Guru vs OthersLargo
Oct 21, 2001 9:54 AM
I own a Guru Roubaix and love it.
Its a Neuron tubeset, with an aero down tube, and nice and stiff.
Very good quality, and a good bang for the buck, as they are as good as any custom builder i have come across in North America, and as they are made in Canada, we don't get killed on the exchange and the duty.
I am getting a Al/Carbon frame from them as well.
They are worth every penny as far as i am concerned.
There are lots of great mass produced frames out there, like Giant or Specialized, but there is something about an offering from a smaller custom builder like Guru, or Steelman in the states. You can't go wrong.
Good luck with your decision.
re: your guruStarliner
Oct 21, 2001 8:56 PM
Wow, that's a nice looking bike.. big frame, lots of seatpost, long stem, you're a big guy. Assuming you're heavy, how confident are you with those wheels holding up?

Are you any relation to that Largo guy from the 1960's who stole some atomic bombs from the Brits and hid them in the Bahamas? I guess this terrorist thing going on now got me wondering.
re: Guru vs OthersDoubleK
Oct 22, 2001 7:27 AM
I would definetly recommend a Guru frame. My LBS sells them and although I currently don't ride one, many of the people who I ride with have them. They are very well made and worth the cost you pay. Watch the geometry though because the steel and Ti frames have different dimensions than the AL bikes. They have a new UltraFoco/Carbon Seatstay model that I decided yesterday will be my next frame. Very good quality and design.

Good luck!