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New roadie seeks help choosing training tires.(10 posts)

New roadie seeks help choosing training tires.dsc
Oct 20, 2001 2:39 PM
Hello all,

Although I have been seriously involved with off-road riding for the past 10 yrs., I've always been interested in riding long distances (centuries +). So, I recently bought a used '99 Zurich, to begin training with. The bike currently sports a pair of 700x23 Specialized Team Turbos.
It seems that every year the roads here in San Diego get more chewed up & glass-strewn than the last, so I would like to get your opinions on training tires that will strike a good balance between these two requirements:

1.) Good flat protection (want to ride, not change tires).
2.) Good handling. I am used to letting it all hang out on my MTB, so the last thing that I want to worry about is my tires sliding out from under me.

Don't care much about price or longevity (no, I'm not independently wealthy, I just value the above criteria the most).
Anyhow, all suggestions, comments, ideas welcome. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.
Performance Forte Kevlars are good, inexpensive ...Elefantino
Oct 20, 2001 3:39 PM
...I've used them for two years and they are long-lasting and reliable. And you can get them cheap if you order on the web
re: New roadie seeks help choosing training tires.mickey-mac
Oct 20, 2001 3:51 PM
Although some people have reported problems with flats on Michelin Axial Pros, they've been great for me. I'm getting over 3000 miles out of the rear tire with few flats, despite riding in some pretty nasty road conditions in L.A. County. With the exception of Vittoria Open Corsa CXs, they give the best ride of any clincher I've ridden. They typically go from $35 to $50 each in the States, but you can get a pair delivered from overseas for about $50 total. is one dealer where you can get them at that price. Good luck.
re: New roadie seeks help choosing training tires.MikeC
Oct 20, 2001 4:39 PM
I've been using Axial Pros since I sliced up my last Open Corsa, and I agree with Mike's assessment.
Even though I have gotten some cuts, they've not been the kind where you have to replace the tire. I've only had one cut that penetrated the casing, and I've put about 800 miles on it since lining it with duct tape, and had no further problem.
The best thing is that they're not just training tires. They're good riding, good handling, reasonably light, genuine road rubber.
Oct 20, 2001 7:18 PM
I've had good luck with Axial Pros as well. However, I generally buy whatever good quality tires I can find on sale. If you are a Team Performance member (which costs $20 a year to join), you can buy the green Axial Pros right now for $21 each, which is the lowest price I've ever seen for them. You would pay for the membership with your first order, plus you get 10% credit (for rebate later) with every purchase. I've also had good luck with the Michi Hi-Lites, which Performance generally has on sale for about $20 each. I haven't noticed any difference in performance between the Hi Lites and the Axial Pros.

If you like Continental tires, you can buy the GP 3000s, which are pretty comparable in wear and performance to the Axial Pros, for about $28 each from (not sure if I've got that spelled right).
Great prices!javagenki
Oct 20, 2001 7:56 PM
I usually would not consider Conti 3000s or Mich Axial Pros "training tires," but at the prices Tarheel mentions, you should go for either of them. Both of them are "holy-cow fast, performance tires."
The Conti 3000 is the best riding tire I've ever ridden, but heavier riders seem to have problems getting a decent number of miles out of them. I've tried them twice and got exactly 500 miles both times.
I've got a 1000 miles on my first set of Axial Pros and would rate them as "well above average" for performance. I can't speak as to wear yet.
You might also consider the Conti Grand Prix, if you can find it at a good price. It rides almost as well as the 3000 and wears better. I've ridden the GP for 7 or 8 years now. I tend to get 3000 plus miles per tire. I only switched to the Axial Pro because I can't find the GP at my LBS anymore.
There was a tire question string a few days ago that covered a lot of this stuff. You might hunt for it.
Good luck and happy riding.
String note.javagenki
Oct 20, 2001 8:06 PM
The previous string was posted by "Allen az" and was on October 15th. It was called, "Michelin Axial Pros vs. Continental GP 3000s" or something along those lines. Happy hunting.
a couple of other suggestionsJohnG
Oct 21, 2001 6:10 AM
'Vred' tricomps are a good performance road tire. You will most likely get around 2000 miles on the rear. Tires are rated to over 150#. The ones I weighed were all in the 230gm range. Total has em for $27 each including tubes. These tires get rave reviews (for their road feel) from my racer buddie.

I mostly use Veloflex Pave's. I get between 1200-1800 miles on the rear. These tire are pretty light and only rated to 120# so I wouldn't recommend them for folks much over 165#. The ones I weighed were all 175gms. Total has em for $30 each including tubes. Good road feel but a little rough feeling when pumped to 120# (at my weight of 145#).

If you are looking for ultra long wear get the Conti Grand Prix's. These tires will last about 5K. They are a bit harse though. Excellent rough road training tire if you can take the ride quality. These tires are expensive at around $50. The GP 3000 are much cheaper ... but not nearly as good a tire.

Thanks everyone, for all of your help...dsc
Oct 21, 2001 1:19 PM
it seems like everyone gave a thumbs up on the ride quality of the Axial Pros. I am, however, intriqued by Elefantino's suggestion of the trying out the Forte's - seems like a full kevlar belt under the casing would help a lot w/ puncture protection. Any comments on the ride quality of kevlar belted tires in general?
I've read good reviews on the durability of the Michelin Axial Kevlars (belt, not bead- I do know the difference :) )- supposed to have the same outer casing as the Pros, high thread count (127 tpi), reasonable weight, etc.
Anyone have experience with these?
not too long ago i ask the same question andbear
Oct 21, 2001 2:30 PM
not too long ago I ask the same question and the advise I took was use the best tires for everything,,,is the only thing between you and the road, I use conti 3000 I got them from for 2/ $45 including shipping.. you are right dont worry about money when it came to tires,,