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How many of you use a cycling coach? Coaching questions(4 posts)

How many of you use a cycling coach? Coaching questionsDog
Oct 19, 2001 3:23 PM
Also, what did you think about it?

Did it make you faster?

What do you need to do to maximize the benefit from it?

Any suggestions on seeking or working with a coach?

Would the Polar S710 be useful in having the coach see your workout?


re: How many of you use a cycling coach? Coaching questionsJohnG
Oct 20, 2001 3:14 PM
Gosh, I'm surprised there are no responses on this one.

As a hersay response my riding buddy told me a funny story about some "guru trainer" who gave a talk at their race meeting. This guy was trying to sell the locals on some sort of email training plan. My buddy smelled a shark attack and declined.

Sorry, no personal experience with personal trainers.

BTW: congrats on your 505 ride.
re: How many of you use a cycling coach? Coaching questionsJon
Oct 21, 2001 8:56 AM
Since no one seems to have any direct experience with coaching, I'll give you my hearsay knowledge.
I have three friends who have used a coach in the last two years, one a road racer, the other two
Ironman triathletes. The road racer has been extremely pleased with her experience. The coaching
allowed her to properly structure her training, train to her weaknesses, and establish a number of
PBs and place highly or win virtually all of her races this year. Both Ironman guys were similarly
pleased. The one guy didn't really know how to train for his first Ironman, so the coaching was
essential. The second took nearly two hours off his previous time. The benefit he says was from
improving transitions and properly balancing bike and running bricks.

To really answer your question, Doug, what are your goals? Do you have specific weaknesses
which you don't know how to correct? Do you need a coach for motivation or to help with program
design? If the latter, you might consider one of the online coaching services available such as
Friel, Carmichael, et al. It's my understanding that with online coaching downloadable workout
data is really useful.
re: How many of you use a cycling coach? Coaching questionsbear
Oct 21, 2001 3:17 PM
Well I this Coach Carl is a after working all summer and even doing my first century[ ahead of what he had me doing. I remember doing interval at 20mph for a mile and now i can to 20 to 22 on falts allday long,,,now i do interval at 26 when that use to be my top speed,,,,hey for me thats something,,i remember not too long ago feeling good about doing 7 miles with out stoping.