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Weighing Bikes(4 posts)

Weighing BikesJBergland
Oct 19, 2001 1:27 PM
Earlier this Spring, I brought a scale that I have with to one of our Saturday morning rides. E-mails were sent out during the week saying that riders would have the opportunity to weigh their bikes. Of course you know the 'talk' quickly turned to who has the lightest bike and guessing which bike weighs what. I had wanted to print a sign up to for the scale that read "Unlike your LBS, magazine ads, and your computers, this scale doesn't", but didn't have time. The scale used was something similar to what you might find in any hardware store, maybe used for weighing out nails, etc. Not terribly sophisticated, but worked fine.

The first guy up was the owner of the house we meet at. He has about 4 bikes and weighed everyone!! The first bike he weighed was an older DB Topanga (sp) mountain bike. He had ridden this bike on a very early (and wet and cold and icy and etc.) Spring ride and was really suffering on the hills. As the scale stopped bouncing, the weight read 20.75 pounds. My eyes just have jumped out of my head. A mountain bike anywhere around 20 pounds is a pretty light ride!! How could this OLD bike be that light?? Just then, the front tires that had been resting on something that nobody saw, rolled off, freeing the bikes FULL WEIGHT to be weighed. A full 32+ pounds. The teammate that had been suffering on those hills felt a little better.

Next up was a DeRosa. Everyone knew this was going to be the lightest bike, but by how much? The owner said they had weighed it at the shop when he bought it and said all the time 'it's under 15 pounds'. More like 16.3 pounds on this particular day. I could not believe how many different ways this guy tried to weigh his bike, from the front tire, from the rear, from the seat. Still came in at 16.3. "This scale must not be that sensitive under 20 pounds" he finally concluded.

I believe everyone weighed their bikes and had a good time doing it. Some bikes were a little lighter than expected, most were MORE!! The majority of the bikes were right around 20 pounds.
re: Weighing BikesTig
Oct 19, 2001 2:01 PM
I think the best scale to use would be a digital fish scale. Just hang the scale up and hook it to the seat of your bike. These two cost about $20 (good up to 20 pounds) and $30 (good up to 50 pounds).
re: Weighing Bikesjohnjohn
Oct 19, 2001 2:31 PM
Funny story! I really enjoyed it. I've got a steel bike that weighs about 21 pounds and now I don't feel so bloated.
Fish scale from Cabela'sJefferson
Oct 20, 2001 6:24 PM
Hey, I work for Cabela's. Thanks for putting the fish scale with our Cabela's cordura sheath on the post. I use a digital fish scale to weigh my bikes too.