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Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)(17 posts)

Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)mk_42
Oct 19, 2001 1:22 PM
I'm looking to get a compact car that will accomodate my bike with only the front wheel off. I've been thinking something with folding seats or a hatchbacky thing. Does anyone drive a ~95 Integra that could tell me how a bike would fit in that? A cycling friend told me that a (VW) Golf fits a bike well. Any other suggestions?

re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)DaveG
Oct 19, 2001 1:37 PM
I think most cars with a deeply recessed trunk lip and a fold-down seat can handle a bike inside. My '99 Protege holds my 59c-c road bike readily with just one seat folded down, and that's a fairly small car.
I like my Subaru Outback Sportchris zeller
Oct 19, 2001 1:47 PM
My outback sport is relatively compact, fuel efficient (29mpg hw), all wheel drive, and fits my bike with wheel on if you put down the back seats. I think this is the ultimate ulti-sport car for the environmentally and economy minded driver.
re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)scott
Oct 19, 2001 1:52 PM
I guess it depends on the size of the bike. I had no problems putting two bikes in my 94 Acura with only the front wheels off. Both bikes where around 56 cm. Now I have truck and can fit piles of bikes :).
re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)CHRoadie
Oct 19, 2001 1:55 PM
I've got a 95 Integra 2 door hatchback. My Bianchi fits perfectly in the back with the seats folded down.
re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)Empirion75
Oct 19, 2001 2:08 PM
2002 Mercury Cougar. I can fit 2 bikes in the back with the front wheels off. Good looken car where my head doesn't hit the roof and its got plenty of power with front wheel drive.
re: Anyone drive an integra?cyclopathic
Oct 19, 2001 2:09 PM
I don't but friend of mine does and bike fits in neatly (not sure what year it's ~4 years old)

He also cares a blanket to cover it so it won't get stolen

the other idea would be a small station wagon (VW Jetta, Saturn, Ford Focus so on) or a minivan. Mom's car has that advantage that it can hall lotsa cargo (2-3 bikes, tandem) and you can sleep in it when you go to races out of town.
Saturn SL2 or the wagonsCima Coppi
Oct 19, 2001 2:18 PM
My Saturn SL2 fits my 59cm and my 60cm bikes well. The SL2 models have fold down seats, but you could also go with the wagon as mentioned above (SW1 and SW2) for great cargo room. Great cars that get great milage (35-40 mpg on the highway).

Your should read the Saturn Cycling magazine...Bruno S
Oct 20, 2001 8:54 PM
Saturn just published a magazine about the team that is available at the dealers for free. There is an excelent article about all the support that a race needs. From cars to motorcycles to airplanes and helicopters. All these vehicles are needed by the police, TV, press, teams, medics and of course Mavic. They also explain all the work the police has to do to make sure the streets are closed when the riders pass.

BTW I just bought a Saturn L series and I'm very pleased with it.
You might want to check outLars
Oct 19, 2001 2:53 PM
a Saab 9-3 or its predecessor the 900. Tons of room in the 5dr hatchback model.
My son has a Jetta...Elefantino
Oct 19, 2001 3:14 PM
...and I can fit my 62 cm 5200 in the back with the seats down. A great car.
But if I was looking, I'd check out Mazda's new miniwagon. It looks made for cycling. Toyota's coming out with a a new miniwagon, too, and there's always the Jetta wagon.
Me? I drive a BMW 323i wagon. Thule racks. Best damn cycling car in the world, IMHO.
3 Series WagonDCP
Oct 20, 2001 7:29 AM
I was thinking about one of these. I see you use a rack for the bike. Will the bike not fit in the back?
re: 3 Series WagonElefantino
Oct 20, 2001 8:26 PM
Bike fits fine in the back, but I like to carry other things when I travel to out-of-town events. Plus, I just dig my rack. It's so easy.
Also, in Florida, we have special "share the road with a cyclist" license plates.
re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)VW
Oct 19, 2001 3:15 PM
I used to drive my bike to centuries in my truck. Then, I found the bike slides around too much in the truck bed, and the truck with its 4 liter engine was using too much gas.

I found the best way to go to centuries was use a smaller four-door car (mine is an old 91 Toyota Camry). I would take the front wheels out. Rotate the right crank arm (the side without chain rings) until the peddle is up. From the driver side, feed the bike into the back seat with the rear wheel first, and with the right peddle resting on the seat. The rear wheel should be resting on the rear passenger floor, and again the right peddle resting on the seat. Turn the handlebar so that is faces the back window, and carefully close the back door. Put the front wheel in the trunk along with the floor pump.

Of coarse I wouldn't do that with a new car. Nor in a car with leather seats (fabric seats and interior wall covers are probably best). With my commuter Camry, I haven't seen any damage to the car or the bike. I also didn't see any grease getting in the interior either (I guess my bike is probably not very well greased, especially at the peddle).

You might consider having some rag to wrap or cover greasy parts of the bike before putting the bike into the car.

re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)sharky
Oct 19, 2001 6:49 PM
I have 2001 integra and it has plenty of room with the rear seats folded down and the front wheel off. Also my last car a 1994 civic had just as much room with the rear seat down. The integra is a very nice car.
I have a '98 Integra.Leisure
Oct 20, 2001 3:26 AM
I love the thing, but stereo stuff takes up most of the trunk. I have a trunk-mounted bike rack that rests on a plexiglass support that fits between the hatch and trunklip. It was kind of a bugger to build but in my case it was worth it as the setup works flawlessly, cost ~$60, and doesn't require drilling into the car; I may be able to post a picture of it in a couple of days if you're interested, though it may be a bit more than you need. I wouldn't use one of these racks without some comparable rigid support because they put most of the bike's weight on the bumper which is soft and bends on bumps, and this can allow the stabilizing straps to come off after which anything can happen. Plus long-term use may cause the bumper to warp.
If it's only one bike to toss in an empty trunk then a lot of cars will work as you can already tell from everyone's posts. But I love the Integra, as it drives wonderfully, gets about 30mpg, and has a wealth of aftermarket parts available. Total side opinion.
re: Passanger cars that fit bikes (Anyone drive an integra?)DrD
Oct 20, 2001 5:24 AM
I've got an older corolla (88) with fold-down rear seats - fits my bike (63) no problem with only the front wheel off - if I take off both wheels and drop the seat post, I don't even have to fold down the seats! - our other car ('01 Saturn L300 - that's their larger sedan) has folding seats and the bike fits there as well, but the opening remaining after the seats fold down is a little tight (in the Corolla, when you fold down the seats, the whole area behind the seats is open - in the Saturn when you fold down the seats, there is a panel which has an opening in it which is smaller than the total area behind the seats - the Saturn isn't too bad - many of the other cars we looked at before buying that one were much worse)

Friend at work drives a 98 (I think - it has the bug eye headlights) Ultegra, and before that had a 91 - both were hatchbacks and had plenty of room for a bike! Not sure what the sedan would be like.