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Do you like your bike?(41 posts)

Do you like your bike?Curious
Oct 19, 2001 9:51 AM
I'm always amazed at the way many people defend their choice of bike hardware to the extreme, yet are always looking to upgrade their gear.
I assume (big danger, I know...) that most of the contributors to this Board are fairly knowledgable, and not likely to be fooled into using a piece of garbage for long. Yet so many people trash the choices of other presumably-knowledgable cyclists.
So here's what I'd like to know. How SATISFIED are you with your bike hardware (NOT how good do you think it is compared to something you don't own)?
Please rate your satisfaction with the following items on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. And list the brand and model of the item, of course.
Drivetrain Group
No!! That's why I spent $4K+ on it!!!Cima Coppi
Oct 19, 2001 10:02 AM
The bike:

Overall - 10
Frame - 10
Grouppo - 10
Saddle - 10
Wheels/tires - 10
Headset - 10
Bars/Stem - 10

Only regret is that I did not get a carbon fork from the onset, but that will be coming soon.

Are you kidding? I LOVE my bike...Dog
Oct 19, 2001 10:06 AM
and it loves, me, too. We make out when I get it up in the mountains. It caresses my butt all day long. I gently stroke its ears. We dance the night away. We have traveled together, and slept together. I take care of its needs, and it takes care of mine.

Yes, I like every component of it - all 10's:

Record 10sp
Kestrel carbon
ITM Millenium
Star Carbon
Michelin Axial Select
Selle Italia SLR
Colnago carbon

Good Lord. nmscottfree
Oct 19, 2001 10:18 AM
Oct 19, 2001 10:39 AM
apparently the humor related to the "mistress" thread did not come through; I was trying to make fun of myself; just try and be funny here...
Nah, ...scottfree
Oct 19, 2001 10:44 AM
I got that part. I was Good Lording the components list.
what, you a Shimano guy? :-) nmDog
Oct 19, 2001 12:27 PM
Suntour! nmscottfree
Oct 19, 2001 3:55 PM
re: Do you like your bike?morey
Oct 19, 2001 10:08 AM
Frame - 90% Probably would eventually go to Ti from Alum
Wheelset - 100%
Drivetrain - Would probably like Campy Record but Dura Ace about 90%
Pedals - 100% Speedplay X2
Bar - OK
Stem - OK
Fork - OK
Headset - OK
Tires - Have clinchers - like tubulars
Saddle - Fizik Poggio now - thinking about Brooks
Seatpost - OK
Headset - OK
Overall - at least 90% satisfied Cannondale r4000si
re: Do you like your bike?Dave Hickey
Oct 19, 2001 10:23 AM
Frame- LOOK KG241 9.5
Wheelset- Shop built Velocity/Dura ace 10
Drivetrain Group- Dura Ace 10
Pedals- LOOK 10
Bar- Cinelli Solida 31.6 10
Stem- Cinelli Solido 10
Fork- LOOK HSC3 10
Headset- Chris King 10
Tires- Axial Pros 10
Saddle- Specialized Pro 5
Seatpost- LOOK 10

The only reason a rate the frame a 9.5 instead of a 10 is I usually take a 51cm and this frame is a 49cm. I got the 49cm on a closeout. I would rate the frame a 10 if it weren't for the size. The top tube is the same so it's just a matter how the frame looks. I'm currently trying new saddles, I'm not really happy with the new Body Geometry pro
love/hate itTig
Oct 19, 2001 10:30 AM
I love any bike that gets me out of the house and back. Just being able to ride is a gift. I'd don't want to know what it is like to lose a bike(s) again like I did in a fire years back. I also hate my bike sometimes. Well, hate is a bit strong. Disappointed is a better word. We always hear the old "it's not about the bike" phrase being thrown around, but that isn't always true. I appreciate my '98 Trek 2200 with 105 on it, but after being spoiled with Dura Ace and Record equipped bikes like the old Tommasini and Serotta, this heavy, painful bike is a disappointment. Spoiled? You bet! It is hard to go back to a Dodge once you've had a Rolls or a Shelby AC Cobra.

Trek 2200 alumi-numb in basic black for formal rides (great for flat rides and the first 40 miles, brutal in hills and long rides.)
Rolf Comp's (actually very nice)
Drivetrain Group:
105 with a Ultegra derailleurs (heavy but good enough for now. I'll keep the 105 shifters since they are reliable)
Speedplay X2's (LOVE these better than any other pedal)
Icon (crap, but functional)
Icon "Graphite" (more crap, but better than the recalled one it replaced)
Icon Air Snail (heavy crap, but strong enough for 3 of me)
Tange (ultra crap)
Vittoria Rubino Pro 700 x 23 (great so far, I may be onto something here. wonderful in rain)
San Marco Era (my new love. feels right the whole ride)
Icon (crap again. adjustment sure isn't like a Thomson)

It will all do until a frame upgrade...
Good list Tig, I agree completely...lonefrontranger
Oct 19, 2001 9:49 PM
I had a '99 Trek 2300 that was a a torture device and too big for me to boot. Since it was essentially given to me by a sponsor, I figured I had to grin and bear it, as the option was to race my utterly knackered Redline cyclocross bike. Which I did all summer anyhow when I sold the Trek to make way for the new bike, which took forever to arrive. I totally agree with everything you said about the Trek AL and Icon bits, although I especially hated the Rolf wheels since they act like big sails in these wicked Colorado crosswinds; in fact they nearly led to my demise on a particularly gusty and treacherous canyon descent. I posted the Trek on Ebay the very next day, and replaced the whole freakin mess in July with the following:

Frame: Colnago Dream Plus
Wheelset: Mavic Cosmos for training, Zipp 303s for racing
Drivetrain Group: (entire grouppo) Record 10, nuf said
Pedals: Speedplay X/2
Bar: ITM Millenium
Stem: ITM Millenium, much lighter than the Colnago version.
Fork : Colnago Force reinforced carbon steerer; not as fancy as Do(u)g's Star carbon, but sweet all the same.
Headset: Record
Tires: Michelin Axial Pros (Cosmos) Conti Sprinters (Zipps)
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR (love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!)
Seatpost: USE Alien Carbon, lighter and more "techno" looking than the Campy counterpart. I also have Mavic brakes, just because they're black (it's a girl thing).

The entire rig is a way-beyond-10, particularly compared to everything else I've ever ridden (crap). So much so that I sold the knackered Redline last month to make way for a Colnago cross bike.
whats the weight whats the weight whats the weightWoof the dog
Oct 19, 2001 10:11 PM
why do you have to torture me like that??????????

relax, dude, the full moonlonefrontranger
Oct 19, 2001 10:41 PM
isn't until Halloween. We're going for a night MTB, hooray!

Weight of what? You didn't specify, and I'm not gonna enumerate every daggoned bolt so here goes:

*Trek 2300: 19.4 lbs, good crit bike, awful for anything else
*Knackered Redline 'cross bike I raced all season: 26.4 lbs, worked suprisingly well as a crit bike, and the busted pawl in the cassette body (which occasionally slipped under load) was a great tool for keeping folks off my wheel in the sprints
*Colnago Dream (with Mavics): 17.3 lbs (with Zipps): 16.5 and the ride is indescribable.

happy now?
re: Do you like your bike?raboboy
Oct 19, 2001 10:38 AM
I was new to cycling this year with a small budget, but I love what I have( c'dale r500), although I will be upgrading in the future. After riding for a couple years, I figure that i'll know more about each component, what might fit/feel/perform better, and my budget will be larger.
re: Do you like your bike?Jon
Oct 19, 2001 11:27 AM
Finally, a "non-issue"related topic to while away a Friday on. I LOVE my bike.

OCLV -- 9 (should have a 58 cm instead of 57 cm frame)
Rolf Vector Pros - 10 (27,000 km, no problems!)
Ultegra - 9 (Dura-ace would be nicer)
Speedplay pedals - 10
TTT Mutant stem/TTT Prima 199 handlebar - 10
Reynolds Ouzo Pro Fork - 10
Dia Compe headset - 8
Michelin Axial Pro tires - 10
17000 miles on your wheels????<nm>nm
Oct 19, 2001 1:44 PM
17000 miles on your wheels????<nm>Jon
Oct 19, 2001 2:46 PM
Yep, and haven't had to touch 'em.
re: Do you like your bike?MikeC
Oct 19, 2001 10:46 AM
Frame: Seven Odonata (10)
Wheelset: Campy Moskva rims laced to Record hubs (7)
Drivetrain Group: Record 10 (10)
Pedals: Campy ProFit (7)
Bar: Ritchey WCS (10)
Stem: Ritchey WCS (10)
Fork: Seven Custom by Wound Up (10)
Headset: Chris King 1-1/8 (10)
Tires: Michelin Axial Pro (8)
Saddle: Koobi Tri (9)
Seatpost: Seven (9)
re: Do you like your bike?Spinchick
Oct 19, 2001 10:48 AM
I could have a higher end bike that I might like better. However I HAVE a bike, it works and fits (finally) pretty good. I spent most of the summer thinking I really didn't like it but that was mostly fit a issue. Thanks to some helpful advice from posters here it fits better. I like it even more since I can't ride it for a while.
re: Do you like your bike?mackgoo
Oct 19, 2001 10:57 AM
I love my bike.
Bianchi Ti Mega tube (95) 10
Zipp 440's 8 ( around here it is starting to get very windy, when the winds get up to 20-25 mph the wheels can catch the cross winds. I may change the wheels this winter. I really like them though.
Record 10sp 10
Aero-lites 10
3TTT Primus or something like that. ( well handle bars are handle bars aren't they?)
Grammo 10 (best looker out there)
Old Time carbon 8 (updating to a cool threadless carbon/carbon Bianchi fork this winter. Which I believe is made by advanced composites. On the crowns they have this cool Bianchi crest inlaid on each side about the size of your pinky nail. Coooool.
Mavic 8 Going to Record threadless this winter.
Tubular (Need I say more?)
Brooks Swallow 10
Record carbon 10
re: Do you like your bike?Js Haiku Shop
Oct 19, 2001 10:59 AM

bianchi 10
specialized 10

honestly can't tell a difference, though all my road bikes so far have been aluminum. those 125mi rides have been beating me up pretty good, though. would like to try ti. i can say for sure that the wieght doesn't matter to me at all, given that it's only a conceivable 1-3 pound difference.


cxp21: 7

cxp21 rims, ritchey hubs: initial problems, but bomb-proof after those were addressed. didn't know the difference 'til i rode cxp33s, which make these seem heavy and stiff.

cxp33: 8

cxp33, 105 hubs: flexy and light, compared to the cxp21s. spokes keep coming loose, and there's a click i STILL haven't isolated, aside from being in the rear wheel.

Drivetrain Group

shimano 105: 8.

can't tell the difference, but then again, i haven't ridden ultegra or above, or campy. works for me. only problem has been the right pod replacement on my specialized within the first 2 months, and the caps coming off the sti shifters (on both bikes), though they were found and put back on. this is problematic, as they could have been (could be) lost.


older shimano 105 look-compatible: 6

bomb-proof, but no noticable float, and heavy

bianchi look-compatible: 7

they keep coming apart. light and some float, but small platform. good backup pedals.

look 296: 9

large platform, way adjustable, comfortable.


bianchi: 10
ritchey: 10

can't tell a difference.


bianchi: 9
specialized: 10

bianchi has rubber cap to cover bolt in headset. not very well though-out. otherwise, can't tell the difference.


specialized (think it's cro-mo): 8
bianchi carbon fiber: 9

BIG difference between the damping. enjoy the CF.


REALLY can't tell a difference here.


vredestein ricorso: 7

have 'em on both bikes, and as far as cheap tires go, they're ok.


specialized body geom comp: 8

works fine for 80 miles, then my arse is a pincushion. have held out pretty well against the elements, as i ride in all weather. have one of these on both road bikes and my mtb.


don't even know what seatpost is on either bike. whatever came on it. can't tell the difference. perhaps if i went from whatever is is now, to ti or something, but i dunno.
re: Do you like your bike?huh
Oct 19, 2001 11:22 AM
The heck with your bike.. what about your life? Like it? Love it? Anything you would change? Inquiring minds want to know.
re: Do you like your bike?McAndrus
Oct 19, 2001 11:33 AM
Frame - Giant CFR Team - 8
Compares well to a Trek 5200 for ride. I just want a C40 or CT1.
Wheelset - Campy Proton - 8
Very durable and light but would love to have Nucleons.
Drivetrain - Campy Chorus 9 spd shifters - 10
Campy Daytona 9 spd derailleurs - 8
Would love full Record but can't afford it.
Pedals - Campy Daytona Pro-fit - 8
May switch to Speedplay next season.
Bar - ITM Pro 260 - 10
Stem - Generic something or other - 8
Fork - Giant carbon - 6
Paint is too gaudy. Shallow reason, no? ;-)
Headset - Giant - 8
Tires - Forte Pro Kevlar - 9
One of my secrets - great tires. Better ride than Axial Pros.
Saddle - Selle Italia Futura - 5
Replacing it with a Flite this Christmas.
Seatpost - Can't remember - 10 though
re: Do you like your bike? which one?cioccman
Oct 19, 2001 11:44 AM
Most recent:

Ciocc 7005 - 10
Campy Nucleons - 10
Record 10 w/carbon levers - 10
Look 396 - 10
Cinelli - 10
Cinelli Alter - 10
Ciocc carbon - 10
Campy Record - 10
Michelin Axial Pro Light - 10
Selle Italia SLR - 10
Record carbon - 10
Hell yeah!!nigel
Oct 19, 2001 11:52 AM
I own a stunning yellow and grey 2000 Giant TCR2 in size small, and I've been most happy with it except for a piece or two:

Frame - 10 (comfortable, fast, agile, and--pardon me for this one: best looking bike in the world)

Wheelset - 8 (Mavic Open Pros. Rear wheel developed that famous Mavic click after a few months, but they accelerate nicely, don't weigh too much, look nice, and handle well)

Drivetrain Group - 10 (Shimano 105. Smooth and dependable)

Pedals - 10 (Speedplay X/2. I don't even realize they're there, but they allow me to clip in without looking for both feet and weigh next to nothing)

Bar - 10 (Cinelli something or other. Comfortable)

Stem - 9 (ITM Millennium. Creaks a little bit)

Fork - 10 (Giant carbon fiber. Seems to soak up shock, nicely aero, beautiful to look at)

Headset - 7 (Shimano 105. Comes out of adjustment quickly. May be due to city streets bashing it about and the quick stops from full speed shaking it loose. It's the only iffy part of the bike. For Xmas, I'm asking for a Chris King.)

Tires - 10 (Hutchinson Carbon Comps. Not stock, but I cut up the original Hutch Comps. Good grip, comfortable, and they look sweet)

Saddle - 9.5 (Selle Italia XO. I don't even know it's there--it's that comfortable for me. A perfect fit. I'd like it weigh less, like maybe as little as the SLR, but that's not its fault)

Seatpost - 10 (Giant carbon fiber. Takes the sting out of city streets--and country bumps. Also, killer looks and is SO easy to adjust and fine-tune)

Once I swap out the 105 headset for a King, I'm good to go for a LONG time (unless I try that super-lightweight saddle and it's as comfy as the XO). My bike is a great friend of mine. :)

re: Do you like your bike?McAndrus
Oct 19, 2001 11:57 AM
Frame - Giant CFR Team - 8
Compares well to a Trek 5200 for ride. I just want a C40.
Wheelset - Campy Proton - 8
Very durable and light but would love to have Nucleons.
Drivetrain - Campy Chorus 9 spd shifters - 10
Campy Daytona 9 spd derailleurs - 8
Would love full Record but can't afford it.
Pedals - Campy Daytona Pro-fit - 8
May switch to Speedplay next season.
Bar - ITM Pro 260 - 10
Stem - Generic something or other - 8
Fork - Giant carbon - 6
Paint is too gaudy. Shallow reason, no? ;-)
Headset - Giant - 8
Tires - Forte Pro Kevlar - 9
One of my secrets - great tires. Better ride than Axials.
Saddle - Selle Italia Futura - 5
Replacing it with a Flite this Christmas.
Seatpost - Can't remember - 10 though

Don't let my 8s fool you. I'm very happy with this setup. I just think I should leave room for improvement.
re: Do you like your bike?look271
Oct 19, 2001 1:40 PM
frame: Look kg271 10.0 Absolutely perfect. Couldn't ask for a better frame.
wheelset: Mavic Ksyriums 10.0. Light, aero, and bulletproof
drivetrain: Mavic Mektronic/DA 9.5. Front shifter is a little squirrelly, but it's french. What would you expect?
pedals: Look 10.0
Bar: ITM Millenium 10.0 It's light, fairly stiff.
stem: ITM Big one. 8.0 Stiff but ugly. Liked my TTT mutant better, but this fits better.
fork: Look 10.0
headset: stronglight 10.0 Once it was set, I haven't had to touch it. Hey, it's a headset, not rocket science!
tires: Vredestein Tricomps 10.0 gfor now. We'll see how they wear.
Saddle: Selle Italia pro-link 10.0 Best saddle I've ever had.
Seatpost: American Classic AL 10.0. Easy to adjust, light, and CHEAP.
Whole package? About a 12......
My wife/my daughter. My work/my bike. Tied for secondzzz
Oct 19, 2001 2:44 PM
axiom ==20
campy 10==flawless
nucleons ==10 corsa cx tt ==8
seven stem #3 ==as stiff as any I've had
deda 215 ==perfect hand postions for me
thomson post ==what can you say about a seatpost. it works
ouzo pro ==10
flite trans am ==8.1
frogs for city/under 75 miles ==9.875 looks for over 75 ===9.876
carnacs syrius/new quartz ==GREAT/GREAT
cat eye wireless ==9

fun factor ==1,402,298
sweat factor ==2,674,228
satisfaction == 783,343,093,317.003

riding with my daughter ==immeasurable
which one... ;)JohnG
Oct 19, 2001 3:24 PM
OK, here is my latest ..... TCR ONCE replica with C10 Record. :)

SI Flight TA
Veloflex Pave tires on custom wheels
Full 01 Record 10 drivetrain
16# dry.

nice ride ... still trying to get used to the looks. This this does fly though.

Sheeet mon.grzy
Oct 19, 2001 3:51 PM
10 Frame - Serotta Legend Ti (silky smooth and descends like a demon I call it "Damien" from the Omen) Way better ride than my old OCLV
10 Wheelset - Mavic Ksyrium - simply bomber, and I've blown up my share of wheels
8 Drivetrain Group - Shimano Ultegra/DA 9 mix (pure DA would be lighter and a bit higher quality) run DA brake calipers (BFD) and BB (weight is lower)
10 Pedals - Campy Profit Ti (makes all the other stuff look/feel silly, but the price will make one gag)
8 Bar - Deda 215 (It's not really 215 g. and the ergo part of the bend isn't as nice as a TTT Prima 199) Myabe go for an Easton?
10 Stem - Rithcey WCS (any one make a lighter stiffer more elegantly designed stem?)
10 Fork - Reynolds Ouzo Pro (crisp and minimal vibe - huge improvmetn over my Time)
10 Headset - Chris King NoThreadset (silky)
10 Tires - Conti GP3000 - 23mm summer/25 mm winter (fast and grippy)
10 Saddle - Selle Italia Max Flight Trans Am (could be a tad lighter, but it fits awesome)
9 Seatpost - Thomson (could be a tad lighter and I need the special clamp since my seat/frame geometry bottoms it out on the adjustment)
Still a 10 Headset - King still rules.

Overall My ride is a 9.5 - one day I'll make the upgrades but the Ultegra stuff is hand-me-downs from setting the wifes Holland up with an Ultegra triple. Until something breaks/fails it's pretty pricey to upgrade the drive train to all DA, but I'll save 5 ounces and it'll cost over $500 at full pop retail. Little annoyed that the Fight Deck buttons are both on the RHS STI lever - the start/stop is always getting hit acciedntly when I climb out of the saddle. Can't wait to get the new style levers and a wireless FD, but mine ain't broke....

You could also ask about the bar tape (Cinelli -10) brake calipers (DA - 10) and grease used (Phil -10) Tubes (Conti -10) rim tape (Special K's - none used) and valve stem caps (what ever is floating around the shop - I kind like keeping dirt out of the valve guts). Also there are things like saddle bags (Jandd 10) and pumps (Blackburn Mamout Double Action - 10)
Sheeet mon.540nova
Oct 19, 2001 6:23 PM
You actually use valve stem caps? (chuckle, chuckle) Wouldn't it keep dirt out, if you knew how to screw the presta valve closed, and even if it did get a speck of dirt on it, wouldn't tapping the open valve blow it out? What a poser!
I swear it's only platonic...tirider
Oct 19, 2001 7:34 PM
Seven Axiom...A work of art...10
Mavic Heliums...OK for lighter prebuilt wheels...6
Dura Ace group...Not as sexy as Campi but lighter...8
Campi ProFit pedals...Work flawlessly but cleats wear quickly...9
Deda 215 bar...Like flatter top but not ergo bend...8
Seven Ti stem...Not super stiff but comfortable...10
Seven (Woundup) fork...Looses some precision for comfort...9
King headset...The benchmark...10
Conti GP3000 tires...As close to tubular ride in a clincher...8
Selle Italia SLR...Light, fits my butt as well as any...7
Campi Record Ti post...Classic, not micro adjustable...9
Even if everything rated a straight 10 upgrades are inevitable because that is what capitalism dictates.
You for got one key componentmackgoo
Oct 20, 2001 4:30 AM
The Engine maybe high 5 pushin 6
re: Do you like your bike?DrD
Oct 20, 2001 5:45 AM
Often, I think the upgrade-itis has more to do with "hey, that looks cool" than not being happy with what you currently have - that coupled with the inexplicable need which some of us have to get as many gadgets as we can... it's a sickness, really...

Frame - Litespeed Ultimate (10)
Wheelset - DA hubs, CXP33 rims (10)
Drivetrain Group - DA shifters, Ult der's, crankset, calipers, cassette, and BB (9 for function, 7 for form - want a DA crankset... and calipers... and maybe der's...)
Pedals - Speedplay X/2 (10)
Bar - Deda 285 (6 - not overly happy with the shape)
Stem - Deda Murex (7 - a little flexy, but does the job)
Fork - Kestrel EMS Pro (10)
Headset - Chris King (10)
Tires - Michelin Axial Carbon (8 - prefer the ride of the axial pro's, but they flat too easily for me)
Saddle - Flite (8)
Seatpost - Thomson Layback (10)
good pointDaveG
Oct 20, 2001 8:01 AM
Curious, you make a good point. Note that most of the responders indicated their bikes are a "10". Nobody wants to call their baby ugly. Yet, many of them will make an upgrade or buy a new bike in the future. The only bad bike is someone else's.
OK, I'm bored so I'll bite...Cliff Oates
Oct 20, 2001 1:40 PM
If I ever find perfection, then you won't find me on a bulletin board quantifying my gear. I'm not big on awarding 10's to things...

  • Frame: 9 - Waterford 2200. It's a beautiful frame but except for the paint job it's off the rack. Full custom would be a 10.

  • Wheelset: 8 - Campy Nucleon. Like all boutique wheelsets, these are WAY overpriced but they look great. The ride is a bit livelier than I'd like. They have been very durable so far (~2500 miles) and but for a crash they would not have required any maintenance at all.

  • Drivetrain Group: 9 - Chorus. It looks great and functions like a Swiss watch.

  • Pedals: 10 - Speedplay X-2. You either love them or hate them.

  • Bar: 9 - TTT Prima 199. It's light, it's stiff, it's black, it's a handlebar.

  • Stem: 9 - TTT Zepp. It's light, it's stiff, it's black, it's a stem.

  • Fork: 7 - Waterford steel fork. With its Henry James crown and stainless tips, it's a thing of beauty. It also weighs about what you'd expect a steel fork to weigh and I'd like a bit more trail to take some of the twitchiness out of the bike.

  • Headset: 9 - Record threadless.

  • Tires: 8 - Vittoria Rubino Pro. Seem OK so far, but I only have 400 miles on them. They replaced Michelin Axial Pros, which were nice but a bit pricey.

  • Saddle: 10 - Terry Fly. My cheeks be smilin'.

  • Seatpost: 9 - Thompson. It's light, it's black, it has a cool clamp, it's a seatpost.
  • re: Do you like your bike?Andy M-S
    Oct 20, 2001 3:01 PM
    Frame: early '90s Bianchi Quattro (Columbus steel): 8/10 (could be lighter, but dang, it IS strong)

    Wheelset: Velocity Aeroheads 32x to Real hubs: 9/10 (could have used DB spokes)

    Drivetrain Group: 8-speed Ultegra 600 F/R derailers, cranks, Sachs chain and Sachs Ergo shifters. 10/10

    Pedals: Ultegra SPD road. 10/10

    Bar: Icon Onyx. 9/10 (could use another groove)

    Stem: Icon Graphite road (threaded) 10/10

    Fork: Profile BRC threaded 10/10

    Headset: Shimano Ultegra 10/10

    Tires: Michelin Axial Select Kevlar 10/10

    Saddle: Flite Ti (no gel!) 10/10

    Seatpost: Generic Kalloy 10/10

    I like it. I built it myself and I like it.
    re: Do you like your bike?NeedSpeed
    Oct 21, 2001 5:50 AM
    I love my bike NOW. I liked it when I got it, but I was not as knowledgeable about road bikes then as now. At that time I had no ambitions to race or do centuries. The more I've cycled, the more hard-core I'm into it. I'll be the first to admit I could have saved myself thousands by buying a top tier bike to begin with. Here's my list.

    Frame: 2000 58cm Trek 2200 (Red) Rank: 7 Stiff as hell and has never flexed ONCE. I'm 6-1, 200. Next frame will be carbon. The aluminum just gets harsh as hell after 50 miles.

    Wheelset: subbed Vector Pros for Vectors; Rank: 10 Stiff as hell and strong which gives me great comfort as a heftier rider. They are bulletproof, fast and lighter than the Vectors.

    Drivetrain Group: subbed DuraAce for 105 on everything but brakes; Rank: 9 Even with adjustments, had trouble with 105 shifting and shifters stuck in cold weather. No problems with DuraAce at all, smooth all around. Will add to new frame with new brakeset next year.

    Pedals: Look Carbon 256. Rank 10: Yeah, they're over two years old and still going strong. Not as light at the new ones, but tough, tried and true. Won't change 'em til the fall off.

    Bar: subbed ITM Millenium for Icon. Rank 10: I've got no complaints. They don't flex when I'm hammerin' in the drops or on the hoods.

    Stem: subbed ITM Millenium 130mm for Icon. Rank 10: It's a long-a$$ stem, but I've got long a$$ arms, so it's great for me. Even if I had a 60cm frame, I'd still need at least a 120mm stem anyway.

    Fork: subbed a Reynolds Ouzo Pro for icon. Rank: 10 It's the reason I didn't chatter my teeth out crossing that 1.5 mile stretch of scraped (but not repaved) road during the 01 RFTR in Austin. Great fork, lightweight and is forgiving compared to the stiff frame and wheelset. Steers on a dime.

    Headset: subbed in a 1" King NoThreadset for Icon. Rank: 10
    Put it on and forget about it.

    Tires: Specialized Team Turbo 23s with Flak Jacket. Rank 9. These tires have given me not one flat while riding. NOT ONE. Found them more durable than Axial Pros, though heavier and w/ slightly higher profile.

    Saddle: (latest) Selle Italia Flite Gel. Rank: 8. It took a while to get my wide ass used to racing saddles. Replaced a Terry Fly. Now I do occasionally get numb nuts.

    Seatpost: Thompson. Rank: 9. I kinda prefer the 58cm frame to a 60, but Trek cheats, so I have about 5.5" of seatpost showing, but it remains sturdy and feels comfortable.

    So there you have it. Harsh ride and all, I love her. She'll eventually get a carbon big sister, but my red rocket moves and never flexes, plus she's light. When that sister comes, I'll only need the frame, an Ultegra BB and a DA brakeset. Everything else gets subbed over, 'cept the fork. My red rocket is my "other woman" according to my wife.
    re: Do you like your bike?banzaibeast
    Oct 21, 2001 12:08 PM
    I love my bike, it's new to me. It's a '99 GT Lotto frame w/ Dura Ace and just enough wear to add character. In comparison to my old bike-heavy w/ old Suntour pieces including down tube shifters, the GT is the juice. This beast loves to climb and sprint, it will be a while before the "new" wears off. It is really special when your buddies realize, it was the bike.
    re: Do you like your bike?bear
    Oct 21, 2001 3:50 PM
    frame 10
    ride 10
    ultegra 10
    bar and stem..mmmm now that I am stronger and really hammer out of the seat I can feel it flexing to the point of thinking to up grade.
    the LOOK!!! [1] hate it, is so boring looking and ugly and is NOT red