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Stem Clamp slipping(4 posts)

Stem Clamp slippingSkunkWorks
Oct 18, 2001 11:38 AM
Anyone have any remedy for my stem clamp slipping? I have tightened the faceplate bolts on my titanium stem as hard as I can, but when I break hard the handle bars still rotate down.
Oct 18, 2001 1:00 PM
*Did it used to be ok, or is something new?

*Do the sizes match?

*Is there lube on the bars?

*Did you accidentally get switched the bolts for faceplate and the steer tube clamp, and they are bottoming out from being too long?

*Try removing the bars and wrapping one time with cloth tape - I did this on one set of carbon bars

*Just try some different screws and see what happens

*What handlebars and stem do you have? Be specific so we ca help

Oct 18, 2001 3:26 PM
It is a new Ballistic Titanium quill type stem with a removable face plate. The clamp size is 25.4. The bars are old generic aluminum type probably from the early 90's that I think are just slightly small for the stem. The face place is quite small and does not bottom out, but when I tighten the screws they have this horrible creaking noise for the last 2 revolutions before I can't tighten any more even though I did grease them. I did try putting velox rim tape on the inside surface of the face plate and stem clamp area without any better results. Still looking for some different screws that will fit.
If it is aTTT or other Italian bar from the early 90s you mayMB1
Oct 18, 2001 3:50 PM
never be able to get it to fit. Got calipers? Closely measure the bar o.d. and see if it matches the specs for your stem.

Better be careful here slipping bars make for an awful involuntary dismount/face plant.