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alright, who's in atlanta? looking for rides/riders late Nov(18 posts)

alright, who's in atlanta? looking for rides/riders late NovJs Haiku Shop
Oct 18, 2001 11:25 AM
pretty good chance i'll be in peachtree city with the bike (road? mtb?) on thanksgiving weekend (nov 22-25). any of you rbr-philes atlantians?
I'll be in B'ham, ALSpinchick
Oct 18, 2001 12:48 PM
Not taking my bike with me but could possibly borrow a mtb. That is, if you care to ride with a GURL (yikes!).
After 4 days with the in-laws I'll NEED to ride.

B'ham is 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta. Nice trails on Oak Mt.
TWO AND A HALF HOURS? geesh! anything in between? nmJs Haiku Shop
Oct 18, 2001 1:12 PM
Yes, possibly Cheaha State Park in eastern AL.Spinchick
Oct 18, 2001 1:30 PM
It's 15 minutes from the Georgia border which would be a little over an hour from Peachtree City (give or take 15 minutes). Don't know much about the trails except that there are some. Easy enough to find out.
Also Talladega National Forest.Spinchick
Oct 18, 2001 1:40 PM
No official bike trails but plenty of forest service roads. I don't know when hunting season starts. Don't really want to get our heads blown off by an overly zealous hunter.
i'm in the ATLCrazyMan
Oct 18, 2001 4:04 PM
I go to school here.
me and my boys will show you where to ride, baby.
I'm from Bhambuck
Oct 18, 2001 5:57 PM
I believe I'll be in town over Tgiving and could show anyone some of the best road/mountain rides in the area. Oak Mtn and Cheaha are cool but the best singletrack in the state is in the Bankhead Nat. Forest (30 mile loop!). I also know every inch of pavement within 50 miles of town and all the local roadies who will make you cry if that's what you want.
I'll be in B'ham, ALNatchez
Oct 18, 2001 9:43 PM
I live near the Talladega hills. There is some good riding let me know if I can help.
Oct 18, 2001 4:05 PM

Athens is about 60 miles east of Atlanta. We have a group and ride every Wen, Sat, Sun. You might check the web site for the ride calander for the time you are going to be in town. If you do not mind a 1 hour drive we would love to have you. We have road bikers as well as MTB. Athens is home of the University of Georgia, so we have a good mix of folks. Hope you enjoy your stay.

go dawgs!!!tarwheel
Oct 19, 2001 7:07 AM
Athens is where I started cycling many years ago, and I have some very fond memories of the roads around there. I didn't have a reliable car, so I rode my bike everywhere. I took my girlfriend (now wife) on her first ride out to the Iron Horse, which turned out to be a little farther than I realized, and she was not happy with me. It was a while before I got her to ride with me again. My first long-distance ride was from Athens to Lake Burton up in the mountains, about 90 miles mostly uphill. It was in the fall and the temperature kept dropping as I got higher and higher in the mountains. My wife was supposed to meet me at my parent's cabin but she got lost and was several hours late. So I sat in the cabin starving and shivering in my cycling clothes until I got a fire going. Athens is where I would live if I could make a living there. You lucky dawg!
go dawgs!!!Caddis_fly
Oct 19, 2001 7:47 PM
I was born and raised here. I love it also. There are some really good rides around here. We are lucky to have a bike friendly community!!!!

Goooooo Dawgs!!!!!!!

Are you a Tar Heels fan now? If so that was a awsome win over FSU!
Natchez, Buck: any suggested MTB between B'ham and ATL? NMJs Haiku Shop
Oct 19, 2001 5:28 AM
hey, 12x23--do you MTB? what kinda drive is this for you? nmJs Haiku Shop
Oct 19, 2001 5:28 AM
Sure! Sort of . . .12x 23
Oct 19, 2001 10:29 AM
just don't go get technical on me. Oak Mtn is really nice, I got lost at Cheaha, and haven't ridden anywhere else. My mountain bike is about 6 years-old, probably need to go buy a new one. ;-)
re: alright, who's in atlanta? looking for rides/riders late NovDozer
Oct 19, 2001 6:30 AM
I live in ATL but will be in FL for Thanxgiving. There are a ton of really great mtb trails just north of ATL, if you are willing to drive, check out the trails around Ellijay and Dahlonaga (go to There are plenty of routes for you to ride your road bike in the city, but watch for the soccer moms, I have found that they are worse here than any place I have lived. Good luck.
I'll be up in Clayton, Ga, about 2 hours north of the Big Atarwheel
Oct 19, 2001 6:55 AM
The North Georgia mountains are beautiful, with some great roads for riding, if you don't mind a short sidetrip. I grew up in the Atlanta/Athens/Clayton areas. Traffic around the Atlanta area is absolutely terrible, so check with the local bike clubs about safe routes. Stone Mountain is one area where cyclists ride a lot. There is also a new dedicated bike trail in NW Atlanta area that runs something like 40-50 miles, but I can't remember the name or the exact location. If you don't mind driving up to the mountains, I could track out some great routes (either road or mtn bike) for a ride one day. The Sautee-Nacoochee Valley comes to mind -- it's got some very scenic roads that go past an Indian mound, covered bridge, farms, and some nice (and not so nice) tourist spots. Some strong climbs but also a surprising amount of fairly level roads in the valleys. It's about 1.5-2 hours north of Atlanta off US 441. On mountain bikes, there are some great US Forest Service roads through the Chattahoochee NF, but that might involve more driving time to get to them. Weather is a big factor in the mountains, as it's generally about 10 degrees cooler than the Atlanta area. The Athens area also has some nice areas for road-biking, outside of town. You don't want to go near there on a football weekend, but I don't think they have a home game at that time.
re: alright, who's in atlanta? looking for rides/riders late NovLLSmith
Oct 19, 2001 7:58 AM
I'm just north of Atl., but will be busy cooking, cleaning and entertaining my wifes family over the holiday. I have only been off the highway two times in the Ptree City area. As I recall its pretty flat with some rolling small hills.Don't know anything about mtb trails, but the above post about Atl. traffic is correct.For me the 30 minute drive to Stone Mountain park is worth the peace of mind.There are two loops (5&7 miles)with small hills and almost no flats. You can feel pretty safe riding at the park.Other than my early Sunday rides its about the only place I ride.The trail mentioned is the Silver Comet trail and will go all the way from Marietta to Alabama when complete. I have heard its a great ride, but you will be sharing it with alot of foot traffic on the weekend.
Seriously, anyone in B'ham wanna ride Fri. after
Oct 19, 2001 11:02 AM
I'll be on a borrowed bike - most likely a mtb bike or hybrid. I'll be just back to it after 3-4 weeks off so no tearing up the trails or anything. If you can handle a mildly boring (though the scenery will be great) trail ride, I'm game.