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Is it really worth the upgrade?(11 posts)

Is it really worth the upgrade?TrekMan
Oct 17, 2001 8:16 AM
Hi all, I'm just trying to justify buying a new set of wheels to myself.

At the moment I've got a set of Cosmos's on my bike and have had no problems. But the thing is I've got this urge to get a new set of wheels, either Cosmic Elite's or std Kysiriums or the new lighter ones. Now I'm no Lance Armstrong but I do manage about 130-150 miles a week now, mostly on flat roads. So the question is would the advantages of these wheels be worth the money?

My average speed is about 18-19mph, and I try to spin the gears were possible, and I'm 6ft and weigh 194 if that makes a difference.
Spending-good for the economy, won't do much for your riding nmMB1
Oct 17, 2001 8:34 AM
not really...C-40
Oct 17, 2001 8:42 AM
You won't be able to measure any difference in average riding speed, if that's what you're after. If you just want the latest and fanciest wheels to impress your riding buddies, go for it.

I've been riding Ksyriums for a year now and they are fine wheels. No complaints. From a pure performance standpoint, a good set of handbuilt wheels will perform as well, at less than half the price.

If you want them cheap(?), go to or I saved about $280 buying from totalcycling.
re: Is it really worth the upgrade?Tiger
Oct 17, 2001 9:28 AM
It's true that you won't notice a considerable speed difference, but new wheels will give you some benefits. Better ride, smoother hubs, possibly less wheel flex, and possible lighter weight, depending on which wheels you get. Ksyriums from totalcycling are a good buy.
C-40 is right , but there's a lot more to it . . .DCW
Oct 17, 2001 9:38 AM
Don't let science or your left brain stop you. I got my K's from Total Cycling about a year ago for $500, using several rationalizations limited only by my imagination (and clearly not by logic):

(1) How could I pass up saving so much money? If I could save 38% or so on all my purchases, I would soon be rich.
(2) Christmas was approaching and my wife was stumped as usual about what to get me. The K's fit the bill.
(3) Lance preferred them over his sponsor's fancy wheels. Even though I am not Lance and do not play him on TV, I do take direction from those who know better.
(4) The K's were different in design from my Chorus/Open Pros, so I would experiment. By changing my wheels and also my odometer from mph to kph, my average speed went from about 18 to over 30. How's that for success?
(5) They are lighter than my old wheels, so I would be able to climb faster. One of these days I'll ride my bike up a real mountain and I'll be ready.
(6) They have bladed spokes, which might help me if I ever have occasion to do a time trial.
(7) I would more likely learn how to spell and pronounce the name if I owned the wheels.
(8) Any bike six months old needs an upgrade. Mine was six months old. The K's were the best I could think of.
(9) By buying the K's, my old wheels now become a spare set, which might be useful. This actually was correct. Discovering a flat as I rushed out to meet riding friends one day recently, I was able to switch wheels and catch them without having to repair the flat. I felt like a pro, except that my spare wheel didn't wasn't put on by some other guy jumping out a car.
(10) They are made (?) in France. I hadn't done enough recently to help its economy.
(11) Total Cycling is in Northern Ireland. I hadn't done much for it either.
(12) Also, I am Irish-American, so I had a kind of moral obligation to do what I could, even if it was for the North.

You get the picture. The simple fact is that I wanted them.
LOL Thanks. You do us all proud. nmLen J
Oct 17, 2001 9:46 AM
Here is a man that knows why to shop! nmMB1
Oct 17, 2001 10:06 AM
You can never have enough wheelspmf1
Oct 17, 2001 10:19 AM
Just got a set of Aerolights from Speed Dream last night. Amazingly light, I couldn't believe it. They cost me around $525. Might want to consider them.

FWIW, no, fancy wheels do not pass the benefit-cost test from a performance stand point, but then again, most toys don't either. Its nice to treat yourself once in a while.
How long did he take?9WorCP
Oct 17, 2001 10:53 AM
I'm going custom built myself unless some outrageous deal emerges in the dead of winter. I'll probably have Excel or someone I trust make them up for me, but Dave has always intrigued me. How did the process go for you?
How long did he take?pmf1
Oct 17, 2001 11:51 AM
It took a long time. I ordered the wheels in May and just got them. Apparently, Dave did not have the needed rims and was not able to get more of them until the end of September. He was upfront about it and offered me a refund, but I decided to wait. There was a lag in him getting them (he initially said July), but again, I think that was not his fault. He strikes me as very exacting and talks your leg off when you call him. All this guy does is build wheels.

Call him up and ask him how long it will take. I know he's got a batch of the rims in now. They're built around AC hubs with bladed spokes. They're really light (1430 gram/set). Lighted than my Ksyriums. I think for the price, they're a good deal for a boutique type wheel. I haven't ridden them though. I can tell you that my Ksyriums have been absolutely bullet-proof. I've ridden them for 2 years all over the place including across Colorado and in Italy and had absolutely no problem.

So why did I get a set of speed dreams too? I have no good excuse.
Cycling isn't just a sport it's also a hobby...Dutchy
Oct 17, 2001 5:49 PM
Cycling, like most hobbies eat up large amounts of money. We all ride because
of the adrenalin rush, but we also like to have the nicer things. I say if you want
new wheels buy them, they won't make you go any faster but "new toys" are a
part of cycling that is also fun. There's nothing better than riding with some
new parts on your bike. Lets face it, for most of us cycling is our life so why not
spend some of that hard-earned cash on yourself.

I'm just about to order some Mavic Cosmos for myself, they will be replacing my
severely old/overweight Rigida DP18's. These new wheels are a full 500g lighter per set.
Do I need them? NO. Do I race? NO. but who cares. It's all part of the hobby.