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hey, lonefrontranger: ride, epiphany, timely.(1 post)

hey, lonefrontranger: ride, epiphany, timely.Js Haiku Shop
Oct 16, 2001 6:18 AM
thursday, friday rain
saturday forecast: rain, rain
and the temps are mild

saturday group ride
usual group: two dozen
just five on this day

j-ku rode to ride
seventeen miles of wet roads
but no rain from sky

one ready to ride
others hedged, but were convinced
j-ku silent spin

ride first half no rain
miles into sky, clouds threaten
no wind, rain, thunder

reach the halfway break
clouds rupture, leaking fast rain
pelts like ball bearings

fifteen return miles
j-ku pulls strong rider clear
stop to wait for rest

straight on empty streets
industrial city part
strong rider puncture

j-ku sends group on
remain with tube replacer
small bridge over creek

weather, rain had calmed
til rider removed old tube
then wind, rain torrent

rider pulls spare tube
only to find shrader valve
j-ku: two presta

j-ku dons rain cape
remove from jersey pocket
to find the cape ripped

my back to rider
walk to bridge center in rain
view swollen channel

if were possible
sky water drops faster still
but wind not angry

trees from water banks
tops grow over bridge railing
leaves turn in kind wind

can't hear cars, rider
wind and channel loud in storm
brown water pummels

shoes, cleats in puddle
one hundred percent rain soaked
fingers wet wrinkled

sky, helmet vent, cap
rain is cleansing everything
j-ku recharging

listen to the trees
watch and learn, they bend to storm
yet they are happy

offer back at start
j-ku, do you wish lift home?
thanks, but i will ride

soggy shoes, rust, hole in sock
more rain. more rain rides.