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Does sweat oxidize aluminum handlebars?(2 posts)

Does sweat oxidize aluminum handlebars?DT
Oct 15, 2001 2:32 PM
I live in Mississippi and ride without gloves in the summer. I remember someone once telling me that sweat will oxidize aluminum over time and I should replace my bars. Can anyone confirm this?
re: Does sweat oxidize aluminum handlebars?grzy
Oct 15, 2001 2:46 PM
Salt in your sweat will oxidize aluminum. However, your bars should be anodized to protect the alu. If you see white powdery blisters then you're looking at corrosion - otherwise it's just dried salt. Wash you bike from time to time to remove the salt and now, before it's too late remove your quill stem and get some grease in there. It's also worth it to loosen the stem/bar connection and check for cracking and fatigue on the bars right at the stem. If your bars are old or you're big consider getting new bars - they don't last forever and having one break on you is a little too exciting. Heavy sweating on a bike is harsh on all the materials - especially where aluminum comes in contact with higher metals from a galvanic corrosion stand point.