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LEW Composite Cranks(4 posts)

LEW Composite Crankscincy1
Oct 15, 2001 1:12 PM
Anyone have any experience with LEW Composite cranks (Las Vegas, NV) ? How do they stand up under heavy use? I'm considering replacing my Campy Record cranks with aftermarket carbon.
$1,000.00 a set, puleeze.JS
Oct 15, 2001 2:01 PM
These have got to be the ultimate poser product. There appears to be no significant improvement over Shimano or Campy and just a small weight loss and they retail at 5 times the cost. As far as your question, they aren't to be released until Nov. 2001( with Lew expect them in 2 years) so I don't imagine anyone here has ridden them.
History Repeats Itselfgrzy
Oct 15, 2001 3:30 PM
High zoot cranks were all the rage in the MTB world until they started failing and people realized that they didn't actually buy you much of an advantage. Then Shimano did a pre-emptive stike by pattending the spline pattern used on the BB. Now we have ISIS which is an alternaitive, but Shimano still rules. Intitally the reason why people were making aftermarket cranks was to lower the cost of a complete bike - most people recognize it's hard tro beat Shimano or Campy in the high end crank biz. If you want carbon cranks to be different or to show them off like jewlery then that's your business, but they've been available for a long time at much lower cost. Expect to have to buy a special bottom bracket, unless they're being produced under license form Shimano or Campy, you'll probably still be running they're chainrings or maybe TA from France. There is a compnay that makes CF chainrings, but I heard they don't last long.

What's your objective?
History Repeats Itselfcincy1
Oct 16, 2001 8:09 AM
After seeing the price for these trinkets from the previous post, I seem to have forgotten why I was considering them.