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Oh Man, what a weekend...(3 posts)

Oh Man, what a weekend...Tylerman
Oct 15, 2001 3:46 AM
Like a lot of other people on this board lately, I completed my first century this weekend, and it was hell. The Alamo Challenge, from Houston to San Antonio. A cold front blew through and dumped rain, 10 - 15 mph head winds and 50 degree weather on us for the first 4 or so hours through the ride. On top of that I had my first flat (milestone I suppose) which I am proud to say I was actually pretty well prepared for and had repaired within fifteen minutes. Luckily it hit during a break in the rain or else I would have hopped on a SAG to the next rest stop. I am also proud to say that of the twelve riders in my group, I was the only one who did NOT take a SAG ride and was still the first finisher. Of course, considering that my knee seized up on me during the night and I couldn't ride the second day I suppose a slower pace would have been a good idea. But hell, I still did my century and that was all I wanted anyway. There is always next season...
Anyway, just wanted to pat myself on the back and spin a yarn for ya'll. (BTW, 104.83 miles in 7:03:21. Not a record but considering the wind and rain and overall elevation rise I thought it was pretty good)
Good deal, they grow 'em tough in Texas. nmMB1
Oct 15, 2001 4:46 AM
Nice job!Tig
Oct 15, 2001 11:25 AM
Ya' make us fellow Texans proud! You can tell your 12 riding partners that "When it's too tough for everybody else, it's just right for me!" (I grew up hearing my dad say that while we were out sailing in thunderstorms)

Sometimes the extra challenge of nasty conditions lights a hotter fire inside us. You can blame those headwinds on your knee problem. I rode in them this weekend and discovered a few new muscles in my back thanks to the aches.