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Wireless computers(7 posts)

Wireless computersWagnerite
Oct 14, 2001 7:44 PM
Anyone out there using a wireless computer? what kind of wireless computer do you have?

I am a little interested in the Shimano Flitedeck (100 bucks with the wireless option) and the Cateye wireless. I had the Astrale (cateye) and it was great. Just wasn't really clean. Got wire running up the downtube with zipties.... really fugly. Got the Astrale mainly for the cadence function, now i don't think i need the cadence function anymore, just the basic (max, current speed, odometer) but it has to be wireless so i can mount it on the fork.

For those of you with cateye wireless, do you know if other cateye computers can fit on the computer holder? will it work with other cateye headunits (have have a enduro II and a Astrale)
gor for broke with the polar s-510 or s-710Matt
Oct 14, 2001 10:06 PM
The Polar Heart Beat Sensors have biking functions that have gotten great reviews. They both are downloadable to a computer, so the data you are collecting can be anylized. They are both wireless to boot. A small sensor on the fork, and a watch(also includes handlebar mount) and you are ready to rock. Oh yeah, it gives you heart rate as well. The S-710 monitors altitude too I think.
gor for broke with the polar s-510 or s-710grzy
Oct 15, 2001 3:33 PM
S710 will do altitude, temperature, ascent, HR, calories, speed, distance and cadence and power with extra kits. Nothing short of an amazing piece of equipment - I'm still learning how to use mine.
gor for broke with the polar s-510 or s-710Duane Gran
Oct 16, 2001 4:28 AM
I have an S-710 and also have a wireless flightdeck. At the moment I don't plan on disconnnecting my flightdeck, because the display is very easy to see. While I use my S-710 for general recording and analysis of my workout, the flightdeck is the computer I look at to see speed and distance easily. I also like how it shows the gearing, but I could live without that. When I get the power kit add on for the S-710 I'll then have cadence measurement, so I'll probably stop using the flight deck.
re: Wireless computersmorey
Oct 15, 2001 4:13 AM
I have a Cateye Wireless, It has worked flawlessly!!!!!
Sports Instruments - SI90HRjagiger
Oct 15, 2001 8:05 AM
I got the SI90HR on E-bay for $72, which has all the basic functions, plus heart rate features. Although it doesn't have avg heart rate or cadence which could be useful for training more scientifically. I had initial problems as at hrm transmitter didn't work. I had it replaced & it seems to work fine. For the price and features, I'm pretty happy now.

Side bar: In my opinion, quality control & reliablity seems to be an issue with most mfgrs to some extent...we can go to the moon, but I wouldn't leave home if I had to rely on my cyclecomputer to function flawlessly.
Oct 15, 2001 3:15 PM was a bargain, and suits my needs just fine. The cadence feature is not wireless, but I'm not monitoring cadence. I have had zero problems. I've never used a wired computer, but I notice there seems to be some latency with the computer... might be with all computers- I don't know how often they "sample" the speed.