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My First Cycling Tour Completed(1 post)

My First Cycling Tour Completedflyinbowlofmilk
Oct 14, 2001 3:55 PM
I want to say to everyone who told me that I need a lot of base mileage ,before doing my first Tour . Thanks. I did it . I completed my first Tour (Cycle North Carolina). I just came back from the Tour (Cycle North Carolina) last night . Even thought I didn't follow everyone base mileage(150-200 miles) , I made it to the Finish line. So now that I have said that to everyone,let me start with the details of my first Tour (Cycle North Carolina). The 1st day was cold and I had to warm up,but I made it through the cold morning, and on to the 1st camping area. I arrived into the 1st day camping area in 4hr,45min (62 miles). Not to mention that the terrian was really hilly with a lot of steep hills and rolling hills. Afterwards I pitched my tent with some help from another camper and proceed to go to sleep by 10:00p.m. The 2nd day was just as cold as the first one but again I made it to the 2nd camping area. I made it to the 2nd day camping area in 6hr,40min (72.4miles). And it was just like the 1st day as far as the terrian we covered that day. On the 3rd day it start to warm up ,but it was cold again . I made it to the 3rd day camping area in 5hr,40min (68.3 miles). Now as we proceeded toward the Coast of North Carolina we had warmer days and nights. I made it to the 4th day camping area in 4hrs,35min(49.5 miles). But along the way I felt tired while riding but I made it . Now on the 5th day,I made it into camp in 4hrs,40min(69 miles) After the 4th day the terrian started to get flat, which I llike a whole lot . On the 6th day I made it into camp in 5hrs,35 min(82 miles). By this time I was really picking up speed and enjoying the Tour. Of course it had to come to a end on the 7th day,when I completed (50miles) in 3hrs,12 min. But doing the Tour(Cycle North Carolina) my avg. speed went from 11mph to 15.5 mph on the last day. I also learn how to ride in a paceline and how to pull a small paceline. I was happy to see that I completed my 1st Tour with some good times as far as miles,and a good avg speed . I think I will try another Tour next year. And I say to everyone thanks. please feel free to e-mail me with your advice or opionion about my 1st Cycling tour.