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Polar HRM interference(3 posts)

Polar HRM interferencemetonymy3
Oct 14, 2001 2:16 PM
If I ride with a guy that has a Polar monitor, and I have one too, am I going to get a lot of interference. How close will I have to get to him before our monitors start messing up?
re: Polar HRM interferencerattie
Oct 14, 2001 6:48 PM
what type of polar hrm are u using?...if u use a coded transmitter u shouldn't get any cross talk.
check your user guide for information about this topic or even try the polar website.

hope this helps.


re: Polar HRM interferencemetonymy3
Oct 15, 2001 5:02 PM
I haven't bought one yet. I'm thinking about the Euro Favor in CC for 40 bucks, and it just crossed my mind that I might get some interference with other riders. I think I remember hearing somewhere what all Polars used the same frequency, but maybe they're all coded? I don't know...

And Polar doesn't even list stuff for the old line anymore, just the newfangled A, S series. And those aren't on sale.

And while I'm rambling, is it more useful to have a target zone beep deal (a la Favor) or an average heart rate readout (a la A1).

And does anyone know of a place to get a Polar monitor for <$40?