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A new take on traffic(5 posts)

A new take on trafficdavidl
Oct 14, 2001 3:24 AM
I've had a new experience thanks to my Brooklyn jersey. I had been trying to find a patriotic style jersey and finally found a Brooklyn from a store in NY on the net. The Brooklyn jersey is sort of flag-like.

My usual relationship with drivers is neutral but with the occasional car full of immature kids and an asshole or two. Nothing real dangerous, however the cars are usually going pretty fast. I ride out in the country on farm to market roads... sometimes in to town [about 25,000] when I commute to work.

Anyway, the first time I wore the Brooklyn jersey I had a lot of real positive reactions - victory signs, thumbs-up from the Aggies, waves, etc...pretty cool. The motorists are on board, too. Has anybody else had this experience?
re: A new take on trafficMVN
Oct 14, 2001 7:17 AM
Yes, I get the same reactions with my Voler Flag jersey. The first time I went out with it, some kids were on the corner of the highway at a stoplight selling lemonade and holding homemade signs that said,"Support your Country, give to the WTC victims' families". I stopped and got a cup of lemonade and gave them 3 dollars (all I had on me at the time). When I was drinking, all the cars and trucks at the stoplight started yelling and screaming, "Go USA!", "Way to go, man!", and "America Rocks!". Every time I go out wearing that jersey several people will say something patriotic at a stoplight or just yell it out the window while I'm riding. Things have changed for the better.
Ironic, I suppose...BikerDrew
Oct 14, 2001 11:10 AM
I live and ride in Brooklyn, and I find that I get flipped off, honked at, and used for target practice by drivers more when I wear my Brooklyn jersey than any other jersey. I can't imagine why this would be, but perhaps us Brooklynites just aren't the patriotic type.


P.S. Everyone knows that the 'Brooklyn' jersey isn't meant to trump Brooklyn, NY. But rather, the Brooklyn chewing gum company of France, right?
Oops . .LAIrish
Oct 15, 2001 10:15 AM
I had no idea that it advertised the chewing gum company. In fact, I usually ride with two buddies, one of whom is from Brooklyn, NY. He is a typical New Yorker, arrogant, adamant, loud, and almost always wrong:) My other riding buddy and I bought the New Yorker the Brooklyn jersey for his birthday last year. He wears it constantly and just crows over the fact that there's a jersy with "his town" on it.

So, here's the question. Do I disabuse him of his arrogance? Or just share the info with my other buddy so we can laugh behind his back?
Definitely laugh behind his back! nmLazy
Oct 15, 2001 12:01 PM