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question about the PI jackets...(4 posts)

question about the PI jackets...dustin
Oct 13, 2001 10:55 PM
is the Vagabond worth the 30$ extra, over the 60$ plain Zephyr 2?

and what are the main differences besides the sleeves?
re: question about the PI jackets...moejoe100
Oct 14, 2001 3:50 AM
Another (sizing) question to this PI thread.

If your wear a PI small jersey do you get a size small PI jacket or do you get one size larger?
re: question about the PI jackets...DrD
Oct 14, 2001 6:33 AM
It's probably only worth it if you will need to unzip the arms (making it into a vest) - also, the Zephyr jacket doesn't have a vent in the back, which could be a problem if you tend to get hot.

I have the Escape jacket (same material, plus vent in back, more pockets, reflective stuff on sleeve) - mostly because it comes in "Screaming Yellow" (high visibility is sort of an understatement with this one) - I also got a good deal at REI (used my yearly discount coupon, then got another 15% off because it had a tiny pen mark on the sleeve which I was later able to wash out :-) )
Some partial answershms
Oct 14, 2001 7:16 AM
I have the Vagabond jacket, but am not really familiar with the Zephyr 2. I think that the Vagabond is worth the price. I have used it on merely cool days (60 degrees) without the sleeves and on really cold days (35 degrees) with the sleeves as an outer layer. The side zippered vents also come in handy when you are on the bike and begin to warm up. Finally, the fact that the jacket folds up into a small packet is very helpful on days that begin chilly and end up being warm.

I cannot answer the sizing question about a small jersey/small jacket. I take a large jersey and tried both the large and the medium jackets. I thought that the medium was wearable, but a little too small. The large is a little bigger than I would like it to be when I have only one layer under it, but is about right when I have several layers on colder days.