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what to look for in a good riding short?(3 posts)

what to look for in a good riding short?firefly
Oct 13, 2001 5:17 PM
I have always worn a PI short(owned 2) but feel it is time to move on and expand my horizons. I have seen several posts on products from velowear. So my question, what makes a good short. Obviously, comfort is #1. But what materials should i be looking at. Rather new to riding and need advice. Thanks for any answers.
re: what to look for in a good riding short?Akirasho
Oct 13, 2001 5:48 PM
... in my opinion, most quality shorts are made with a relatively heavy wicking fabric and are comparable, however, the number of panels and the type of tailored cut along with the pad design are more defining.

8 panel (regardless of the make of short) is about the minimum I'll buy. Even with 8 panels, Pearl, Castelli and Assos are now offering (at a hefty price) an even more precise fit (whether it's worth it is up to the individual).

I've been happy with the quality, fit and price of Voler. I've got a few PI but no Assos.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Oct 14, 2001 2:21 PM
You do want to look for a comfy short that will last you a long time. And yes, 8 panel is the way to go.

Pearl stuff doesn't seem to last all that long, so I'd avoid it.

Voler is good, but only custon (as far as I know), so not something you can go down to the LBS and get.

Assos is hard to find and very expensive. I've heard from a few friends that the seems rip very easy, so that's a though.

Garneau are OK, but I don't like the feel of the fabric. It's too course on my skin.

Castelli (I feel) is the best bet out there. Yes, it can cost a bit, but you spent a couple thousand bucks on a nice bike, why no a little bit extra for great shorts?? That's my reasoning. Besides, they last a long time and work great.

Just don't ever, and I mean ever, buy Nashbar shorts. =-]