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Julich at Trexlertown(4 posts)

Julich at Trexlertowncogsworth
Oct 13, 2001 3:29 PM
Did anyone else see Bobbby Julich at the Trexlertown swap meet? He was in a booth in the infield selling new and used team issue stuff to benefit WTC victims. He was so low key and approachable he was hard to find even if you were looking for him. I didn't see any kind of publicity type stuff, and he was just manning the booth, collecting money and talking to his customers. I bought a used TT skinsuit that he autographed, and he took a minute while he signed it to explain why there was a hole in it. I came away impressed.
re: Julich at Trexlertownquadzilla1
Oct 13, 2001 4:46 PM
You know, I kept hearing over hte loadspeaker that he was there, but I was too busy scoring deals, that I just couldn't make it over, then I I'm kicking myself for it !! That's awesome for someone of his caliber to be there.

Did you find any good deals ? I couldn't belive some of them...Specialized turtlenecks for $2 each, team turbos for $35 a pair...4 tubes for $5...Blackburn pumps for $10... brand new hydration backbapcks for $10 new jerseys and bibs for $10 each....winter gloves for $5..$30 Northwave MTB shoes....a buddy of mine looked at a brand new Cannondale CADD6 with full Dura-ace...for $1200 !!..put it down for a second to ask me a question & someone snatched it up !! It ws insane.. I only dropped about $150..thank God I left the MAC card at home ! I heard by 10:00am the mac machine was empty !! Awesome deals...this was my 8th year there, and I'm always there by 7:00 am, first in line of course !! Hope you had good luck !
re: Julich at Trexlertowncogsworth
Oct 13, 2001 5:22 PM
The deals were incredible... but this was my first time so I foolishly showed up at around 8:50 or so. I was way in the back of the slowest moving line for the Lemans type start, so I had trouble finding the larger sizes. Next year I'll go early and I'll have a plan of attack so I can grab up some more stuff. Still, Bobby's skinsuit was only $25, which I think is a bargain even though I can't wear it cause its way too small.
great dealquadzilla1
Oct 14, 2001 5:27 AM
wow ! that WAS a great deal..what a piece of history !
we are always there at least 2 hours early...either you wait 2 hours in back of the line, or 2 hours in the front..we were the first ones in ! We take coffee & mags to read..There is also a side enterance where the vendors go in...the line is so much shorter there, because people don't think you can go in there...