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My first crash ouch...(11 posts)

My first crash ouch...UltegraRacer
Oct 11, 2001 3:32 PM
ok today i was riding and there was this bridge so i figured ide sprint down it, so i started sprinting than half way down all of a sudden my foot just drops and chain skipped, ( need i say i WAS NOT shifting at the time) and i hit my chest against the bars and rolled right over top of the bars, then BOOM! i was spinning and twisting and slamming into the ground. i didnt even know what was going on. and for the people who say," you dont feel the pain right as your crashing because your in shock" DONT KNOW WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT, right as i started rolling my arms were burning soo bad, then i stopped and was laying there on the side of the road and i had pretty big open cuts on both arms and shoulder and but and was all bloody, and i couldnt get up so i was looking and hoping someone would stop, but for 5 minutes everybody just passed me by until this cool MTB woman stopped for me and fixed me up. I rolled like 25 feet away form my bike since i was on a bridge. my bike substained no major injuires( which i dont know how)except for some dirt in the shifters. but when i got home i looked at the Bike computer and it said max speed 43.3 mph. so that was the speed i got untill i went over the bars.. damn..
but im chillin now gunna go get some food.
Glad you are OK ...Elefantino
Oct 11, 2001 3:39 PM
As the board's resident crash and endo expert, I'm happy for you. Crashes are scary, particularly when you go over the top of the bars.

Some other advice I've gotten:
• Get back on the bike immediately and get the crash out of your mind. (I can't get on it for three more months, so this means nothing to me.)
• You'll always remember your crash and it will make you a better, safer rider.
• Take up a safer hobby. (The last one was from my neurosurgeon, one which I will ignore.)

Ride on.
Glad you are OK ...I didn't do so well...Bicyle Bill
Oct 11, 2001 6:59 PM
I'm glad you're O.K. too, crashing does suck. I went down Sunday morning and broke my collarbone. I've taken some bad spills in my time, broken ribs, concussions etc. but this one will keep me off the bike the longest. At least two weeks, I heal quickly and force myself to recover. In the meantime I get too watch more MSNBC. No matter how much I hurt, there are people out there who are in much worse shape. God Bless them.
Glad you are OK ...Always wear your helmet!spankdoggie
Oct 11, 2001 9:17 PM
You could have been killed at that speed, glad you are ok.
I always wear a helmet, always, for years now...except once.

My front brakes totally locked up and I flipped upside down and broke three ribs. Fortunately, I had fallen many times like that before and had experienced the endo (years of freestlying and shows as a youngster, etc.) Guess what...THAT WAS THE ONLY ONE TIME IN YEARS THAT I WENT OUT AND DID NOT WEAR A HELMET! I could have broken my neck like a good friend of mine did (c-2 c-3). He is fine now by the way, but we must always wear our helmets...

I understand taking it off climbing steep hills though.
Two Weeks??PsyDoc
Oct 12, 2001 8:09 AM
Did you fracture the collar bone or break it in two? I busted my collar bone last year and was not able to ride on the road again for 5.5 weeks. I was riding the bike on the trainer at week 4, but I also had a fractured pelvis. Man, you must heal like Wolverine...I wish I healed as fast.
Sounds like a beauty ;)delia
Oct 12, 2001 5:25 AM
Glad you're alive and well enough to type. The crash must have been spectacular. Endo-ing is always fun. I've done it alot off rode but never on the road bike going that fast. Helmets are good. Major road rash?
you make me laughJack S
Oct 12, 2001 6:09 AM
Were you out of the saddle?Tig
Oct 12, 2001 8:11 AM
It sounds like you could have been sprinting out of the saddle. Being seated may have helped prevent the chest smash/over-the-bars condition. Of course we could list a few thousand "what if"'s that could have prevented it!

All the same, I'm glad you didn't get hurt any more than you did. It could have been deadly. Go to the drug store and buy some Tegaderm (spelling?) for the abraisions. They should be treated like a burn. The worst thing for an abraision (other than infection and a bunch of dirt stuck in it) is for it to dry up and form a hard scab. A dressing that keeps the area moist is best. I've never used it, but some people swear by Second Skin that is sprayed on the wound. I learned some good cycling first aid from the nurse that cares for the Canadian track team.
re: My first crash ouch...DINOSAUR
Oct 12, 2001 8:22 AM
Bottom line is we all crash sooner or later. For me it was later, 27 years until I ate the asphalt. You are lucky as you know what happened, some of us don't unless we have someone riding behind you. Suprised more people didn't come to help you. I had plenty of help, then again I was laying in the middle of the road and was kind of hard to avoid. Get back on as soon as you can and use this experience to prevent a crash in the future...
I thought road riding was safer than mtb!Todd
Oct 12, 2001 8:50 AM
Glad you're ok, but all these brutal crash stories have me worried. I've been mtn biking 10 years and suffered two serious injury(grade 3 shoulder separation and badly sprained ankle). I just bought a road bike thinking I would act my age(42) and spend more time on nice safe road rides. Oh well.
re: My first crash ouch...BikingViking
Oct 12, 2001 8:57 AM
I feel your pain!! My first road crash was on a rainy day (it was nice when I left!!!). I was going about 22 mph when I got stuck in one of those road expansion joints. I tried to turn out of it gently, but wound up on my butt sliding down the road (the rain had brought out the road oil). I remember thinking, "I am ruining my favorite shorts!!" Luckily, I wound up with a bruised hip and nothing more. Overall, I would consider myself lucky. HOWEVER, my MTB crashes are another story... :o)