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Boutique Framebuilders(2 posts)

Boutique Framebuildersfarmerfrank
Oct 11, 2001 1:59 PM
As I read the different threads about dream bikes and builders aren't we really losing that "one-off" built frame?
In the past few years I have seen companies like Bontrager,
Salsa, Merlin and Litespeed being taken over by larger corporate companies. Some of them won't be building frames anymore and others we complain about their quality after their transition. Will we continue to long for that perfect low production frame? Is it a thing of the past? Should I cherish my Rob Vandermark Merlin that will probably outlive me?
re: Boutique Framebuildersmickey-mac
Oct 11, 2001 2:15 PM
It seems that every time a small framebuilder goes out of business or sells to the dark side ;-) another small builder pops up. Bontrager, Klein, and Merlin may be part of big companies now, but we've got a long list of independents including Carl Strong, Don Ferris at Anvil, Brent Steelman, Tom Teesdale, Roland Della Santa, Ibis, Chris Huber, Brian Baylis, Richard Sachs, and dozens of others. Some contingent of cyclists is always going to want a custom frame from a builder who is accessible. As long as that demand exists, we will have independent builders to meet the demand. Finally, yes you should cherish that old Merlin.