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Someone call the fashion police (nt)(18 posts)

Someone call the fashion police (nt)Cliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 9:14 AM
fashion police?? how about the idiot police? nmraboboy
Oct 11, 2001 9:29 AM
Probably very fitmuncher
Oct 11, 2001 9:32 AM
must be running on about 40% of normal O2 intake.....
Probably very hot, tooCliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 9:38 AM
He's a Floridian riding outside the newspaper building in Boca Raton. I hope he's merely trying to make a statement.
LOL, Should we add one to S-chicks want list? nmMB1
Oct 11, 2001 9:40 AM
I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt...Cliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 9:42 AM
and assume she has more taste than that. Besides, those two American flags are probably worth at least 2 minutes on a 25km TT.
And is that a Camelbak on a road bike? :) nmmr_spin
Oct 11, 2001 10:07 AM
probably a book bag with survival manuals nmdzrider
Oct 11, 2001 10:24 AM
In the case of this rider...Cliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 10:25 AM
hydrate or die is probably not just a marketing slogan.
this: most funny. me: small gray cubicle, laughing idiot. nmJs Haiku Shop
Oct 11, 2001 9:35 AM
Fashion BashTig
Oct 11, 2001 10:15 AM
Done in a lispy, hanging out with Joan Rivers type voice:

He DOES get points for wearing basic black gloves and a fairly recent helmet. Safety first! After that it starts getting ugly!

Shoes? While no-lace Jordan's are all the rage on the BB court, but they just don't send the right signals within the peleton. Even the FBI nerds are wondering about the shoe/clip pedal combo. A toe-pointer to boot!

While I like the "Uncle Martin/My Favorite Martian" effect of the flag poles, the swank cotton T already makes the patriotic statement that is so vogue this fall season. Too much accessorizing!

Don't get me started on those shades, gurlfriend. Can anyone remember the Devo look of the 80's? I sure hope not!

Camelbak? Functional as always, but someone needs to tell this lost lad about the "Straighten those straps" rule. While we're at it, the misaligned brake lever has GOT to go.

Shorts? My gawd, are those XXX-tra large tights on a L-sized bod? Same on you, Mr!

I'm saving the worst for last. Who on earth told him the mask is becoming? I mean, even in plague infested Boca Raton any cyclist worth their tires wouldn't be caught DEAD with one of those on!
Do you drink through the mask? Well filtered H2O. nmBrooks
Oct 11, 2001 11:17 AM
looks like a good idea to meishmael
Oct 11, 2001 12:08 PM
maybe he has asthma..or maybe he doesnt feel comfortable around anthrax...or maybe the commute makes his lungs feel like lead (mine does)...the rest of the outfit i dont give a shmoo about except the flags, which im sick of..i guess we are all jokeing, i hope each his own..
Looks like a car painter's mask, but...PsyDoc
Oct 11, 2001 12:31 PM
...would this actually keep bio-nasties, such as anthrax, from getting through this particular filter? As an aside, Anthrax the rock-group is probably thinking their name is not the best name to have right now. There is one set of lyrics from their "Spreading the Disease" CD that came out back in 1990 that struck me as oddly familiar:

He is but a solitary man
Whose prejudice will spread like a flame
Throughout the land
He's enslaving those who will be free
Etching his own name in black,
For all of us to hear and see
strange to see this from Cliff Oatesnm
Oct 11, 2001 12:35 PM
thought he was above this- oh well, learn something new every day. Wouldn't it be funny if this guy OWNED his house?
Nah, I just don't do flame wars...Cliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 12:56 PM
or similar pointless philosophical discussions. I ran across the picture this morning on a newspaper web site and it was too good to pass up on.
Answer to Anthrax questionDutchy
Oct 11, 2001 5:49 PM
As I understand it. Anthrax and certain other nasty biological diseases are absorbed through the skin, a gas mask won't do a single thing to stop you getting sick. But you didn't really want to hear that I guess. Sorry.
Actually...Cliff Oates
Oct 11, 2001 6:39 PM
That's one form of anthrax. Another form is absorbed through respiration and hasn't been seen in the US since 1976. Until last week, that is.

That said, the gas mask is some sort of a political statement. The rest is a fashion statement. The combined effect is a bicycling and fashion don't. It is an unusual photo though.