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spinning bikes vs trainers(10 posts)

spinning bikes vs trainersby666
Oct 11, 2001 4:50 AM
what are the pros and cons of each
my opinionColnagoFE
Oct 11, 2001 7:27 AM
I'm a Spinning instructor so I use these bikes lots. here's my take. If you aren't much taller than 6'2" (my height) or really short (-5'3") you can get a pretty good fit on these puppies. Don't expect it to replicate your bike though. Spin bikes have a nice stable platform which is good for out of the saddle. Also the flywheel is nice and heavy which keeps the legs going well. Fixed gear helps the spin. Cons are that the cranks are 165 which is a bit short for me. Weird bars, but they are not that bad. No fore aft adjustment for bars. Trainer plusses...cheaper, portable, can use your own bike. Cons: not very stable out of the saddle...also puts lots of strain on the frame. If you have the space, money and portablity isn't a big deal the Spin bike will give you a better workout IMHO. People will tell you to get rollers, but personally I like being able to just zone out to a good CD and rollers take to much concentration.
Oct 11, 2001 8:34 AM
I teach Spin, mainly cause I'm paid well and I couldn't stand taking classes from aerobics instructors. I don't think much of the bike and the setup though - You have settings 1" on center for fore and aft seat adjustment, seat height as well as handlebars. In addition, if you set too much resistance you can get aches and pains in your legs that you would never get on your road bike (even climbing Mt Ventoux ). I did a 6 hour charity Spin in VT two years ago and was wrecked for a week. Some people say it improves your Spin... try riding rollers after training exclusively on a Schwinn Spinner. My experience has been that it does anything but create a smoothe pedal stroke. Another downside to Spinning is that core temperature of your body gets elevated ( being indoors with a room full of people and not enough fans )and you get cardiac drift. It's very hard to keep your heart rate under control in little rooms at your local gym. The net result is people come to Spin and end up working way too hard for the 50 minutes. Most instructors can't ride, let alone teach a 65 -75% Max HR Endurance ride. Most Spin sessions end up being high intensity anerobic sessions ( not exactly how Lance trains, right folks!! )

In summation, Spinning is something to keep you motivated to ride and a nice "group thing" but it's not for any serious winter/pre-season training.
Train like Lance?ColnagoFE
Oct 11, 2001 9:45 AM
I doubt if there are very many in my classes that even care about training like Lance. Most don't even own a HRM or care about it. Most just want to lose a few pounds and maintain fitness. most don't EVER ride more than an hour at a time so overtraining is probably not a big issue. I also really doubt you're gonna get cardiac drift unless you are really overdoing it in a way overheated room. You can also control your resistance and how fast you are pedalling so I don't see why someone would work harder than they should if they don't want to. Nobody is making you crank it up so much that you hurt your knees. If you maintain a reasonable cadence you shouldn't have this problem. And the bikes are not micro-adjustable. That was one of the cons I said, but they do fit reasonably well for a lot of people. I do know a number of serious athletes that supplement training in winter with Spin bikes. Dave Scott teaches multisport classes on the Spin bikes and a number of local racers use Spin bikes when the weather is nasty or they are too bored of the rollers/trainer.
Train like Lance?Fausto
Oct 11, 2001 10:33 AM
It's my opinion that HR monitor training adds logevity to the Spin program. That is why your Spin cert now has an expiration date and requires you to take Continuing Ed (with the focus being on HR training). The Spinning program is designed for the instructor to teach classes in specific HR zones regardless if the client knows who Lance is or not.

On the matter of resistance, this Forum mainly addresses athletes who would be more apt to add much more resistance than your average house wife in a Spin class- this is why I mentioned the reistance issue.
On the issue of HR levels being generally higher than outside, this is a fact since you do not have the outside air to cool your body- simple physics. Best situation is to have a fan circulating air close to your trainer.
Train like Lance?ColnagoFE
Oct 11, 2001 12:12 PM
Agree...I use my HRM all the time. The main problem I have with HR training is knowing what one's MHR is...using the traditional formulas or even Karvonen is usually way off. participant could be working way too easy or too hard depending on what they think their MHR is unless they have had a reliable stress test done and are going by that #. I also think it's rather hard to get a real endurance workout in an hour for someone training for multiple hour rides. Not that I don't think the whole zone thing is beneficial if done well. Don't even get me started on the expiring certs. When I got my black card they said it was forever. Now they change their mind. And you have to take their CECs which are often marginally useful. I personally keep up with the updates through their online forum...and that doesn't cost anything. I have often thought it would be cool to have a Spin bike that measured could train from that, but JG seems to be sold on HR training.
Do people bring shoes and pedals to spin class?..(nm)vanzutas
Oct 11, 2001 12:12 PM
Oct 11, 2001 12:15 PM
though changing pedals is usually discouraged beccause it is hard on the bikes changing them out all the time...and people tend to cross thread them. Most clubs have pedals that you can use Look or SPD cleats already.
shoesgrassy knoll
Oct 11, 2001 3:24 PM
I just use an old pair of road shoes without any cleats. A little slick at first but provides a good platform. gave up the trainer after sweating like a pig and leaving skidmarks on the carpet.
That is why you use a fan (nm)Woof the dog
Oct 11, 2001 10:09 PM