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Off on a tangent, brothers...(2 posts)

Off on a tangent, brothers...Elefantino
Oct 10, 2001 8:24 PM
Just finished an hour ten on the trainer at about 170-175 bpm watching the HBO "Band of Brothers" episode I missed Sunday night. I think my heart rate was higher when I was just watching rather than spinning. Riveting television.

Sorry about that. I now return you to your previously scheduled thread: "Campy or Shimano? I'm a newbie with 4 grand to spend and the bike shop guy said buy Litespeed."

Or did we settle that one already?
re: Off on a tangent, brothers...mr_spin
Oct 11, 2001 7:22 AM
I can't watch serious TV on a trainer. My mind tends to wander too much during a workout. I stick with sitcoms and news and other shows I don't really have to pay much attention to.

That last episode of Brothers was really abstract. Very little context, and no beginning, no middle, and no real end, either. There's no way they could pull that off on regular TV. It would mystify viewers who are used to watching so much mindless crap. Very good stuff.