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I Ordered My Red Cross Relief Jersey Today!(24 posts)

I Ordered My Red Cross Relief Jersey Today!Jon
Oct 8, 2001 5:25 PM
Thanks to you two guys who posted the info. The young lady who answered the phone at
Aussie Apparel asked if I was responding to the information from RoadBikeReview. She said
they'd had about ten orders so far from forum members. Way to go boys and girls! Keep the
orders rolling in. It's for a good cause.
who does the money go toishmael
Oct 8, 2001 5:36 PM
what is the good seems strange to give people who have just had a death in the family that supposed to help their pain...are we just trying to build doesnt seem that those who have had family members in that building would be financially suffering..if the money is supposed to go to those who are suffering financially there are alot worse seems rude to me...
Uh, let's see....look271
Oct 8, 2001 6:14 PM
The Red Cross (and other organizations) can do their relief work for free. It costs them no money. Think about it, or aren't you capable of compassion?
ever try...filtersweep
Oct 8, 2001 6:18 PM
ever try to collect life insurance without a death certificate? think about it, and think about whatever experiences you've had with insurance companies... it can take months to sort out, and bills/mortgates etc. won't wait. Why wouldn't firefighters/police/support staff/janitorial staff/etc families NOT be financially suffering due to the loss of an income provider. Not everyone who died was a millionaire CEO.
a heardishmael
Oct 8, 2001 6:36 PM
that the insurance companies were giving all the benefits emediately in this case..heard it on the radio...i heard the money was going to pay for college tuition for the children just saying i think the money would be better spent elsewhere...then again i dont really know what im talking about.. i dont know where all the money goes..
Insensitive Idiotnancy
Oct 8, 2001 6:45 PM
This remark and the one you made a few posts down show that your both too dense to understand and a completely insensitive dolt!!!!!
Insensitive Idiotishmael
Oct 8, 2001 7:36 PM
your showing your sensitive side but its not beautiful...i think theres more to the donations than humanitarian has to do with patriotism..yea it goes to peoples families who have lost a member or two..did you know there are whole nations where people starve daily(often in coutries which were colonized and never recovered)they starve or worse and not just on sept 11th..i think the donations show we are blind to the world outside of the US...there are support system in this country which children who dont have parents are lucky to have...who are the people who really need help..isnt there a world out there besides the US..its a nice gesture to help the families that were affected by a tragedy.

but its a crime to have folks(children, moms, pops) starve or worse because of our government makes it especially disturbing when we are self-righteous about it to..

that bin lauden guy, thats one of the things hes perturbed not blowing up stuff, thats insensitive, im trying to show you a different viewpoint, try to see it...and the post below i also dont see what your beef is...
You're right. This is about patriotism. Where do YOU stand? (nJon
Oct 8, 2001 8:35 PM
Maybe you should drop this subjectStarliner
Oct 8, 2001 8:57 PM
Of course there's plenty of suffering in the world which can be relieved with a few bucks out of each of our pockets. But if you get into why the suffering exists you might think again before forking over, but that's a whole other issue for another board IMO.

Now's a good time for coming together and helping our own. That's what it's all about, and so there you have it.

Don't you live in The City? I thought you did - why not contribute to the "SF Riders come clean" post. Ever ride across the GG bridge and think about jumping off?
put your beer down...spankdoggie
Oct 8, 2001 9:40 PM
but do reply to my san francisco riders come clean post in the morning after your ride if it applies...


like i was starting trouble or something...


(excuse me for swearing)

p.s. was that you i chased down for 7 miles then allowed you to draft until the hill and i stared at you and took off? just wondering...
True, but...thejerseydevil
Oct 9, 2001 5:47 AM
We give more international humanitarian aid (monetary, commodities, educational) than any other country on the face of the earth. No one is directly starving now because of 'our government policies.' (although colonization, etc. played a role, etc. in the past) Unfortunately, the reason people are starving around the world is because not everyone has been blessed with the same resources, drive, and advancement through the stages of economic/govermental development that we have experienced over the past 226 years.

Our government and many of our citizens have recognized this and have given billions of dollars and millions of hours to help other countries improve their standing and the lives of their citizens. You just don't hear about it that much (outside of the thanksgivng/winter holidays) because it isnt 'sexy' to the media.

as for red cross aid, yes, some goes to the families. not everyone in the trade towers was a rich stockbroker with good life insurance. there were many other good people: secretaries, custodians, security guards, office clerks, not to mention firefighters and policemen. the families of these folks are struggling to make ends meet, even with some insurance benefits. these people need help to pay the rent or to buy food. your previous post is nonsense. and the red cross also feeds the relief/construction workers and offered medical assistance and personnel right after the attacks.

i think these jerseys are a great idea, to help out fellow americans and to show support for our men and women in uniform overseas.
Ishmael doesn't get out very oftennova
Oct 9, 2001 6:19 AM
Couldn't agree with you more on all counts.

And for those of us who lived in the metro New York area for years and years, we know that that cost of living is VERY high, and a six figure income for a family of four isn't exactly living in the lap of luxury. The fact that these people worked in "those buildings" (WTC) means nothing in terms of their financial need.

Apparently ishmael doesn't get out very often.

As for the starvation in Iraq? Saddam Hussain has nothing to do with that I suppose? Oh wait, he's Muslim, not an infidel, so let's blame the non-beleivers (USA) for the starvation in Iraq while the genocidal dictator lives like a king. That makes perfect sense.... if you've been labotomized.
Well said (nm)dsc
Oct 9, 2001 9:30 AM
no need for personal attacksDog
Oct 9, 2001 7:35 AM
We can disagree without calling others "idiots."

. . . to people who need it.jacques
Oct 8, 2001 6:22 PM
Many who perished in the World Trade Center were the only breadwinners of a large family. Many survivors, and many of those who happened to be off their job at the time of the attack, lost their job. There are long delays in getting death certificates and thus, life insurance payments.

Money doesn't ease the pain of losing a loved one. But the last thing one needs is financial disaster looming at a time of extreme emotional pain.
always a good questionmr_spin
Oct 9, 2001 7:27 AM
This is a good question, even though you will receive some flack for this post.

Choose your charities wisely. I don't say this to in any way criticize the work of charities. But there are a lot of charities that have very large overhead, and only a small percentage of your contribution goes to the cause. The United Way is one such organization--note how for their Sep 11 fund, they make a point of saying 100% will go to support the victims. In all of their other charity drives, they never say that, because a significant percentage doesn't go to the victims.

I don't believe the Red Cross is in that category, however. The Red Cross relies on a lot of volunteers and donated food and equipment, so most if not all of your contribution will directly help people in trouble, rather than paying for golf weekends and huge salaries for executives of the organization.

I too, have wondered where all the Sep 11 money is going, and except for the Red Cross, I don't think anyone really knows. It's kind of vague to say it goes to the victims families. What does that mean? How much for each? Does a janitor get as much as a CEO? And many of the victims had insurance and other assistance. Even so, a lot of life insurance policies specifically exclude terrorist acts (check yours if you have one).

Support the Red Cross. The thing about the Red Cross is that it has been around for close to 100 years (maybe more). They not only help the victims of all kinds of tragedies, they set up aid stations to house and feed the police, firemen, search and rescuers, iron workers, etc. And in the end, if there is any money left, it will go towards other Red Cross programs around the world.
how to contact?4bykn
Oct 8, 2001 10:54 PM
do you have a phone no. or url for Aussie Apparel?
how to contact?Jon
Oct 9, 2001 5:58 AM
how to contact?DhBetty
Oct 9, 2001 7:11 AM
this is the number to use. (actually, both work but this one is set up for the USA jersey sales)
re: I Ordered My Red Cross Relief Jersey Today!Christine
Oct 9, 2001 9:42 AM
Hi all,

What a great group! Here is the final jersey design.

Thank you!

Aussie Racing Apparel

Support The American Red Cross: Purchase The USA Relief Jersey
Bicycling Media, Advocacy Groups Providing Ad Space and Promotion

Bicycle clothing manufacturer Aussie Racing Apparel has developed the “USA Relief Jersey” to support the American Red Cross efforts resulting from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Aussie has teamed together with the bicycle industry’s largest media companies and nonprofit organizations in an effort to promote the sale of this cycling jersey. Suggested retail is $49.99, of which $25 from each jersey will go to support American Red Cross.

“I wanted to help in some way, and the I thought it would be great to create a means for all cyclists to participate in supporting our nation, and fellow Americans in this time of need,” said Mark Holler, founder of Aussie Racing Apparel. “This jersey is the culmination of many talented and influential groups to bring about something that will generate funds to support those in need.”

The “USA Relief Jersey” will be available for purchase through Aussie Racing Apparel. Look for color ads promoting the sale of the jersey in Bike, Bicycling, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Dirt Rag, Mountain Bike, and VeloNews magazines soon.

“I have been impressed with all of the magazines and other groups supporting this effort, and their willingness to drop the competitive barriers to support our nation. I want to extend a big thank you to all of them,” said Allan Hermansen, Aussie’s president. The League of American Bicyclists and Thunderhead Alliance, two prominent national bicycle advocacy groups, are providing promotional support for this effort. Additionally, VNU Media, the company that manages the bicycle industry’s largest trade show, is also supporting this effort at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas September 30 – October 3.

For more information, contact Aussie Racing Apparel via email or toll-free, 1-888-839-1010. Aussie Racing Apparel, 401 Seventh St., #18, Petaluma, CA 94952.
re: I Ordered My Red Cross Relief Jersey Today!Steve in NYC
Oct 9, 2001 1:07 PM
Do you think the dishwashers at Windows on the World had life insurance? How about the waiters? There's alot of people out there (mostly children) who are hurt by this outrage in many different ways.

Are there people all over the world who suffer daily? Yes. That should not detract from my 7,000 neighbors who were murdered.
Oct 9, 2001 1:45 PM
I do believe that they had life insurance. Okay, assuming that they were legal employees with SSN or green cards. Even when I worked at Burger King in 1986 I had life insurance. It wasn't $20,000, but I had some. I believe this a law, though one of our lawyers would have to speak to that directly.
Oct 9, 2001 5:07 PM
what law is that. maybe a small benifit of employment but not any law i have hear of. and as a known fact in the insurance industry most women are woefully underinsured.

20,000 will just about cover your last expenses and pay a few bill. there is also the argument that if your not willing to take care of your own insurance why should anyone else.
re: I Ordered My Red Cross Relief Jersey Today!Peter W
Oct 10, 2001 10:28 AM
I can't think of a better way to support those that need
our help and also display American Pride during our
daily( weekly )rides.
Come on guys call them and place your order ,I did and
I am going to spread the word.
Pete in CT