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8spd campy derailleur pulley help...(2 posts)

8spd campy derailleur pulley help...BudhaSlug
Oct 8, 2001 12:15 PM
I have a bike with campy athena 8 (probably '93ish), and have managed to lose one of the washers from my RD upper pulley (the thin metal doughnut that rests between the pulley and cage plate). It fell off when my pulley bolt extracted itself during a ride and then apparently disappeared onto the side of the road somewhere. So I need a replacement (or do I... anyone ever ridden without one?). My problem is that I'm replacing the whole set up with daytona 9 come spring, but would like to avoide replacing the derailleur now if possible (that is one option). Does anyone out there have an extra washer somewhere from a pulley replacement? Anyone know if an equivalent can be found in a hardware store perhaps? I won't be buying a new set of pulleys since these run $25 everywhere I've seen them, and at that cost, I'll get the daytona 9.

Thanks for any help.
Peace and Light,
re: 8spd campy derailleur pulley help...Jack S
Oct 8, 2001 12:20 PM
what's wrong with LBS? prob a 5c part