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Just curious, did anyone from this board ....(8 posts)

Just curious, did anyone from this board ....Live Steam
Oct 8, 2001 5:38 AM
attend our Pumpkin Patch Pedal ride in Jamesburg, NJ? If so, what did you think and did you have a nice ride? What mileage did you do? It was a beautiful fall day with lots of sun. It also had lots of blustery wind too, so it made for a challenging ride. In total, we had 595 attend the event with 185 day of registrants. These numbers are a good deal lower than in past years, but I am sure the events of the past few weeks had it's effect on the turnout.
re: Just curious, did anyone from this board ....Jay
Oct 8, 2001 6:25 AM
Read the thread below posted by Spinchick, to find some people on this board who rode. I left my house around 6:15 and got there around 7:45ish and ate 1/2 a bagel and filled up my water bottle. Hit the road after registering. was blistering given the wind which wasn't bad at the start at around a 20.5mph pace for the first 23 miles til I got a flat. There was a 1/4 mile stretch without much a shoulder where there was alot of green glass. I hit one and my rear tire had a super small hole (didn't bother to check til I got home, noway I could of found it anyway it was soo small). Patched it continued to the first rest area to snack on those yummy costco muffins.

After that rest area, the wind picked up, especially on Rt 70, and heading west through Lebanon S.F. Overall the ride was fun, super windy through most of the later 2/3rds and the pie at the last rest area really hit the spot. I had about 102 miles and some change on my odometer but I started the computer a few feet before making the left out of the park. I averaged 18.5mph and stopped at every rest stop, although I almost missed the second one at the McDonalds. Apparently some people either missed it or chose not to go cause I saw at least 4-5 people ride right by it.

re: Just curious, did anyone from this board ....Boomer
Oct 8, 2001 6:40 AM
Having been out of town the last two week and not in a position to ride (except for stationary bikes in the hotels I stayed at) I opted for the 62 miles instead of the Century. It was a beautiful day and would have been even better for my time and milage if it were not so windy.

I don't know how I missed it, but I must have ridden right by the first rest area. I was not the only one as I ran into another rider at about 27 miles who asked be where the stop was. Maybe some signs right before the stop would have helped. I did not miss the Allentown rest and really enjoyed the Pumkin Pie.
Rest areas...Jay
Oct 8, 2001 6:43 AM
Since all the rest areas were on the left except for the last one in Allentown, they had the signs on white boards on the left hand side which you almost had to be looking for cause most of us kind of pay attention more to signs on our side of the road, so I think next time, signs should be placed on both sides of the road. I followed a bunch of cyclists after my flat to the first rest area. The second rest stop I would of passed if not for the person standing on the sidewalk tell me that was the restarea (I was alone at the time)...

I'm happy to see that some of you made it!Live Steam
Oct 8, 2001 8:32 AM
Yup! It was windy, but for some reason I felt real strong and it didn't bother me - that is until after the Allen Town rest stop. I was doing a good deal of the pulling and having fun doing it - strange that I'm saying that considering the windy conditions that I usually hate. I felt so strong that I was constantly being begged to ease up because we were losing a couple off the back. It was sort of my revenge for pain and suffering from the past.

Well at the Allen Town rest stop I had two slices of pie! BIG mistake! With about 8 miles to go my blood suger level must have come crashing down. After averaging a decent 19.5 for 52 - 53 miles, I was having trouble staying on the back myself. They all laughed when I told them about the two big pieces of pie. I have only been part of the club for the past three years and SAGed both prior PPP. Evidently you learn not to eat the pie or at least not have more than one reasonably sized slice. I was hungry and in good spirits so didn't see the harm:-)

I have to agree with you about the signs for the rest stops. They could have been better placed. We'll certainly do better next year. Constructive comments are always appreciated. I also noticed that the arrows on the first half of the ride could have been placed more in advance of the turns. I hope the arrows from the New Egypt Micky D's were OK as I did those about two weeks ago. I tried to anticipate where someone would be looking for them. I hope you guys had a good day anyway and hope you come back again next year. Bring friends and introduce yourselves next time!
Oct 8, 2001 9:16 AM
The markings in hindsight were fine, no mistakes that I noticed, the only things I could suggest is perhaps having the continuation markers (on the far side of turns) closer to the intersection so that you can see them from the intersection.. Just a minor note, and there were a couple of traffic intersections where I'd of liked to see an arrow, even though you were going straight. Most people would assume straight unless otherwise noted, but it's nice to mark all intersections that have a light. Still a minor point. Overall I think it was well marked. I saw alot of markings on the road, old pumpkins, even ones I recognized from my Ride for Autism that I did back in June (those were the squarish 'A's with the arrow coming from the bar.)

I didn't have time to socialize after the ride, I kind of rode right to my car, packed up and left. Sorry!

Oct 8, 2001 12:53 PM
Did the 62 miler at 17mph, which is good for me. Wind seemed to come at me no matter what direction I headed. I missed the first stop but not the second...glad I didn't because the pumpkin pie was great.
I chickened outDaveG
Oct 8, 2001 4:24 PM
I had originally planned on doing the century, but the thought of hours of suffering against a 20mph headwind changed my mind. If you are looking for ways to increase ridership next year, you might want to consider a broader advertising campaign. I only learned of the ride when I ran into some PPP riders in Burlington Co. a few years ago. I have never seen a flyer here in South Jersey even though I'm only about 45 miles from the start. I'll plan on doing it next year weather permitting