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Putting a face with a name(2 posts)

Putting a face with a namemickey-mac
Oct 7, 2001 6:45 PM
I finally got to meet a fellow RBR poster, doing the Five Counties Century with JohnG yesterday. John's a great guy and strong rider who was out with two of his buddies, Rocco and Tom, who are brothers and also nice guys and strong riders.

The century was a great ride, with about 8000 feet of climbing and terrific scenery. We started climbing right off the bat, which wasn't so bad as the morning temps were pretty cool at 5000+ feet. We were rewarded with some 50 mph descents on nice roads bordered by pine trees. On the least scenic portion of the ride, we were fortunate to have a fairly strong tailwind.

The rider organizers put on a nice lunch spread at a ranger station and we headed off for the last 40 miles with a decent amount of climbing left. Immediately after leaving the lunch stop, we saw the bear that John mentioned in his post. It was a fair sized black bear going at full gallop. Fortunately, we were downwind, so he didn't catch a wiff of the bananas and other goodies we had stuffed into our pockets at the lunch stop.

About 85 miles into the ride, I had an unfortunate encounter with an angry bee that lodged itself in my shin and didn't want to leave it. The last six miles or so was uphill, just what we needed after a long day in the saddle.

This was my first 100-miler on the Strong Foco and it was the perfect century bike. I didn't feel at all beaten up at the end of the ride. Anyhow, it was nice to finally meet another poster. I look forward to riding with John again and hope to meet some of the rest of you some day.

mike mcmahon
re: Putting a face with a nameJohnG
Oct 7, 2001 9:07 PM
I had a great time also, and it was a REAL pleasure getting to meet another RBR rider. Speaking of strong riders.... Mike wasn't pressing too hard when he dropped me.... several times actually.

The highlight for me was the mini pelaton on the long downhill coming off of the pass. We actually got a little rotation going which pushed the speed way up. I clocked my high of 49.2 during that section. Good times!

Hey Mike, that Strong has me thinking about a steel ride again too! :) My Giant is cool and light but Hwy 33 beat me up pretty good. FOCO.... :)

Looking forward to more rides with you.