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Colnago or Litespeed?(10 posts)

Colnago or Litespeed?MarkP
Oct 7, 2001 5:08 PM
I'm thinking about getting either a 2002 Colnago CT-1 B-Stay or a Litespeed Vortex. I'm not a racer, but do a lot of hill climbing. Anyone know how these two would compare? Any other bike recommendations that won't beat up my 50-year old body but would still be responsive.
re: Colnago or Litespeed?bike_junkie
Oct 7, 2001 9:05 PM
If you're set on these two, I'd take the Litespeed. High-end Litespeeds are really nice frames, and they have a good warranty if you need it, which can't be said for Colnago. But keep in mind the Vortex isn't as smooth as most Ti bikes - it's 6Al/4V for one thing, and it's built using large diameter tubes. I've heard from lighter riders who said it was too stiff.

So, if you've got this kind of money to spend on a frame and you want comfort, you ought to give Seven and Serotta's Ti bikes a look, or even Spectrum Ti. Carbon bikes from Calfee and Aegis are comfy with great warranties, and if you aren't opposed to riding mainstream (but proven) hardware, the Trek OCLVs are great climbing bikes.
Good luck!
re: Colnago or Litespeed?MarkP
Oct 7, 2001 9:35 PM
Thanks for the quick response. I'll try to ride them both, and will look around for some of the others you mentioned. I was thinking that the CT-1 might be a little smoother (I weigh 160) than the Litespeed due to the carbon stays. Unfortunately, most shops don't carry much of an inventory of high-end bikes.
Oct 7, 2001 9:14 PM

I just placed an order for a 2002 Bstay CT1. :o) I'm soooo stoked!!! GEO color too! :)

Sorry, but no comparison info for you. I've been told my numerous folks that the CT1 has a nice steel-like ride. Perhaps a little livelier than the C40. No personal info on the Vortex, although I'm sure it is a sweet ride. Why not buy both... wouldn’t that qualify as a patriotic thing right now. ;)

Oh, one thing you might want to consider ..... you can probably get the Vortex sooner than the CT1. I'm expecting my CT1 in about 2-4 months.

good rides to you and good luck with whatever you order.

Closing in on 49 here also. ;-(
Oct 7, 2001 9:38 PM
Thanks. I didn't know it would take so long to get a CT-1. Will keep that in mind. Hope you enjoy yours.
re: Colnago or Litespeed?DannyW
Oct 8, 2001 12:18 AM
For your weight, I think the 6AI/4V frames might be too stiff. I recommend the Pinarello Opera or Look KG381.
Vortex ride qualityzelig1
Oct 8, 2001 1:46 AM
I'm just a few months short of 50, no longer race, weigh 60kgs and ride a 1999 Vortex. I've got about 15,000 miles on it in varied conditions and I can state that the ride is not harsh. At your weight, ride quality should not be an issue. Prior to the Vortex I rode only steel going back to the 60's. Reynolds 531, Columbus SL and TSX were the tubes and the ride of the Vortex is better than all of them without losing stiffness in the BB.

I've been also looking, not necessarily to buy, at the CT-1 B-Stay as the design where the seat stay meets the seat tube is cleaner that the original CT-1. One thinks about the integrity of the bonding between CF and Ti but Colnago's been at the bonding game going back to the carbon Bi-Turbo frame. I've never seen a test of the bike nor have I seen one on the road, unlike the C-40.

As others have said, you should try to ride both bikes and decide which you like better. I haven't compared the geometry but I wouldn't imagine the bikes being hugely different, expecially over a period of time. I like my Vortex but wish the BB were lower, the seat tube .5 degree slacker and the bottle bosses better placed. Minor things but what you notice after years of riding. Otherwise, the workmanship is fine and what you'd expect for the price. If you buy a Vortex, you should shortly be able to get a 2001 model on sale as they clear out the old stock for the 2002 model. In the UK, they're selling the the pre-B-stay CT-1 with Force fork for around £1,300.(including VAT) which would be about $1,600 net of VAT but not including shipping or import duty (3.9%) into the US.

Enjoy your pick.
Oct 8, 2001 5:46 AM
i wouldnt get either..cause i look for the cheaper stuff(not nessecarily worse) but colnagos are way overrated in my world..get ti as apposed to fancy (ugly)paint
What "world" do you live in ishmael? (nm)Mr. Twister
Oct 8, 2001 8:22 AM
Get Litespeed but NOT VORTEX!!jtolleson
Oct 8, 2001 6:53 AM
You don't want to race, but want to climb aggressively. You don't want a bike that will "beat up" your body. What, pray tell, encouraged you to choose the Vortex?

The Vortex is an incredibly stiff, short wheelbased, aggressive racing bike, period. (OK, now I'll get flamed for folks saying "I use my Vortex for centuries" etc. Fine. But the GENERAL rule is that the Vortex is a stiff racer).

There are some Litespeed options that could make you very happy indeed (the Classic or the Tuscany) without the 6/4 tubing, oversized downtube, and the "practically sitting on the rear wheel" effect of the Vortex (or the Ultimate for that matter).