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Q for the DOCs: Hydrocortisone/Bagbalm/acne meds.(2 posts)

Q for the DOCs: Hydrocortisone/Bagbalm/acne meds.nestorl
Oct 6, 2001 7:30 PM
Hello all, this is a question for any doc in the house. As I understand, saddle sores are nothing more than infected hair follicles (cysts) which explains why some people use acne meds to clear them up. Thus, I understand the use of Cham. butter which has antibacterial/fungal properties as well as prevents friction.

I also understand that sometimes it is not an infected cyst but simple rash caused by the rubbing of the chamois..In this case I understand the use of Bagbalm for these cases.

WHAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is why some pros and many Am. use hydrocortisone to treat their sores!! I may be wrong but I thought that hydrocortisone blunts the body inmune response, increasing the probability of infection. Why, if most sores are simple dermatological infections, would a pro use a product that may lead to an infection??

What am I missing? What is the benefit of hydrocortisone?

Thanks. Nestor
not a Doc... butJohnG
Oct 7, 2001 12:42 PM
HC is used for all kinds of dermtalogical problems. I.e. Almost anytime you want to promote healing and soothe itching this stuff works great. HC also helps with sunburn or minor burns. HC is a used for acne also.... so maybe your own comments answer your question.

My gig bag has a supply of asperine and HC! ;)

You can probably do a web search and find an on-line med source to give you the technicals.