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My Seven Axiom Ti Arrived Yesterday...(19 posts)

My Seven Axiom Ti Arrived Yesterday...PsyDoc
Oct 6, 2001 8:24 AM
...when I was at home for lunch. All of a sudden, I was 4-years-old on Christmas morning as I began unpacking the box and getting the bubble wrap off of the frame. Remember, I have not bought a new bike since 1992 so I was in a state of euphoria. The bike is so very sweeeeeet and the attention to detail is first rate. The frame specs are 73.5 HTA, 73.5 STA, 56.5 toptube, and a 55.5 (c-c) seat tube. I spent yesterday evening putting the bike together, which was the first time I had done the majority of a bike buildup as I had Excel install the Chris King headset and the Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork. I torqued every bolt to specification and took my time. I was a little surprised how easy everything went together. This morning I had 30 minutes to take a quick ride. The bike was very responsive and I had a sense of satisfaction knowing that I built it up (sans fork and headset). There are a few differences I noticed between the Seven vs. my Extralight, but I will wait to make sure they are not simply due to the excitement of riding a new bike. But, one thing is definite; the Seven is noticeably stiffer in the BB. I put on Ultegra brakes and BB, but the cranks, shifters, cassette, rear and front derailleur are Dura Ace, Ritchey WCS stem, TTT forma SL ergo bars, American Classic seatpost, Specialized BGC seat, Look 357 pedals, and Dura Ace hubs mated to Open Pros that I have been riding on for about a year. I would like to get Velomax Orion Comps or a set of Speed Dream Aerolights, but I have to convince the wife and I am not sure "I need to get these things before the baby gets here, because I won't be able to once he's born" will work anymore. With pedals, the bike weighs-in right at 18 pounds which is just shy of being a full 2 pounds lighter than my Extralight, but the Extralight had some 1992 components which weigh much more than the components of today. I could drop more than a pound off the bike by upgrading wheels and a few other parts, but I do not see the need right now. Just curious, but if I were to sell the Extralight frame, what do you think would be a fair price?
Oct 6, 2001 9:13 AM
That is such an awesome bike.
I sent off for a Seven catalogRich Clark
Oct 6, 2001 10:07 AM
Not because I'm in the market, but just to look at the photography and soak up the ambience of the company. You must be in seventh heaven right now. hehe

Congrats on both new arrivals! How well do you think that Seven will tow a baby trailer?

Funny you should mention...PsyDoc
Oct 6, 2001 11:47 AM
...the baby trailer. My wife has already said that we will go back to doing bike events together in 2003. I am planning on taking the baby with us as soon as the law will allow. I think that in Georgia a child has to be 10-12 months old before you can put them in a baby trailer. But, I think that there are different "rules" for the enclosed trailers, which is the type I want to get. I think that the Seven will tow a baby trailer just fine; it's the engine that will have trouble :)
I towed my son at three weeks.Chris Zeller
Oct 8, 2001 4:32 AM
It actually works very well. I just strapped the child carrier in the trailer using the seatbelt. Had to ride slow, watch out for bumps etc., but he slept very well. I read the product recommendations, liability etc. Wasn't aware of any actual laws on the subject.
re: set upSteveS
Oct 6, 2001 12:20 PM
It looks like you have thoughtfully set up your bike, congratulations on the new toy.

In terms of your old frame, it should probably sell between 1/3 and 1/2 it's price when new, depending on condition. Good luck.
Congradulations!Me Dot Org
Oct 6, 2001 2:29 PM
...didn't you order a NEW Merlin and have some problems with it? I seem to remember a post a month or so ago...

Anyway, congradulations on the Seven. They are gorgeous bikes and I'm sure it will be a great ride for a long time.
Merlin Problems...PsyDoc
Oct 8, 2001 3:22 AM
...I tried to get a Merlin Extralight on three different occasions, but each time the frame was flawed. First time, the measurements were off by 4mm. Second time the BB threads were tapped off-center. Third time the frame never made it to me as Excel refused to ship it (e.g., finish on the seat tube was so bad that you could feel the grooves in the titanium with your fingernail, right seat stay was 4mm below left seat stay, out of alignment, etc.). So, I finally decided to abandon my quest for an Extralight as it appears that Merlin's quality control needs some attention.
Oct 6, 2001 2:39 PM
I picked up my new Seven Axiom a few weeks ago, I've done a hilly century last week to initialize it and I've got a flat century tomorrow... It's soo sweet, smooth as butter and climbs like a goat. I had it speced with D-A, except for a King headset and I actually went with the Seven post and Stem. With Deda 215 bars. I didn't buy wheels as I already had a set of Speeddream Aerolights and Zipp 404's to use with it. I think the thing weights around 17.5-18lbs but honestly I haven't even tried to weigh it with a bathroom scale, doesn't matter. I know I could make it weigh less by going with tubulars and road pedals rather than my MTB pedals. I'm kind of waiting for those Eggbeater things to come out so I can try them out...

But have a blast with it, it's a great bike, sometimes feels a bit too comfortable, if there is such a thing..

seven envykoala
Oct 6, 2001 5:36 PM
CONGRATS. You have the ride of a lifetime. I would be interested in the fit process and how close that fit was to the set up you had been riding. I was fitted for my new custom foco and its noticeably more comfy than my old setup. Sevens brochure indicates a very detailed fit down to stiffness/ride balance. Were they able to give you the ride characteristics you requested?
Don't get me wrong!!!M1A1
Oct 7, 2001 2:08 PM
Seven is a beautiful bike, but all the talk about the customization process is a lot of hype. It makes the owner have a sense of exclusivity, but the far majority of high end frames out there are not customized and pros and experienced riders can find excellent fits.
The fact that Lance rides a stock Trek is proof that the customization sales "hook" is a bit more fluff than necessity. A person can have a custom frame built that doesn't live up to expectations and then go in a buy a bike off the rack and feel right at home.
Sevens are great because of workmanship and attention to detail, not the customization process which they seem to push. I guess it is necessary to try and set themselves apart from others, but you are paying extra for the "service" .
Oct 7, 2001 2:25 PM
Well, overall the bike is a bit longer in effective top tube length than my current bike and very slightly higher in the bars. I specced it out to be more of a long distance tourer than a race bike as I really don't race seriously. The few Triathlons and bike races I do, I just kind of do them for fun. I wanted to get that Ti feeling, more so than the Reynolds 853 Lemond I have now, certainly the Ti has a different feel, and with the stem and carbon fork, it certainly eats up alot of the small bumps int he road, better than my aluminumed stem/quill of my lemond.

Like what M1A1 said, I can't exactly say how the fit kit affects the bike, I mean I had my reservations about if I selected say a '7' versus a '6' in drivetrain rigidity, I think the only way to really test that is some kind of testing lab with weights and machines. Or if somebody would buy me another Seven in the same size, just different numbers, I'll gladly try it out!! :-)

Anyway, yes, the longer length has solved some back problems that I had. I think I have a long torso (or short legs) for my size and I thought the lemond bikes would be good, but the Seven just fits me alot better without having to go for a long fork.

Fit/Ride Characteristics...PsyDoc
Oct 8, 2001 3:40 AM
...I guess I was fortunate to have the Extralight as a base given Seven's extensive knowledge of the Extralight. This is Seven's default Riding Options:

Handling: 6 (1=stable to 10=agile)
Drive Train Rigidity: 7 (1=lightweight to 10=stiff)
Vertical Compliance: 3 (1=comfortable to 10=stiff)
Weight vs. Performance: 8 (1=lightweight to 10=performance)

After talking with Seven, I kept their default values except for vertical compliance, which I moved to a 4. The reason I moved it to a 4 is that Seven said a 4 on vertical compliance is the equivalent of the Extralight and I was happy with that level on my old bike. I sort of went back and forth a little bit on this one and I finally inquired whether there would be a qualitative difference between a 3 and 4. Seven said that, qualitatively, I would not be able to tell the difference between a 3 and a 4. I have only taken the bike out on a 25 mile ride, but the ride felt very good. They did spec a 2cm headtube extension. I was a little skeptical about this, but I figure I would rather have an extra 1-1.5cm of headtube than spacers especially given that I am running a fork with a carbon fiber steerer tube.
Nuked my Extralight toograham
Oct 6, 2001 4:19 PM
I gladly replaced my Merlin Extralight with a Seven Axoim two months ago. The difference was quite noticable even for my 140 pound weight. The bottom bracket was stiffer being the most positive. The Merlin is still an excellent choice and not to knock it too much. I had eight and a half super seasons with it, pounding hill climbs with the greatest of ease. The Seven just does it with more precision when the pedal is to the metal... The handling is a full notch better with out a doubt. Cosmetics of the welds and that too cool head badge set the Seven into a class buy it's self. Good stuff doesn't come cheap, my excuse was it is the bike for the next mellenium. Good excuse indeed.
re: My Seven Axiom Ti Arrived Yesterday...7Ti
Oct 6, 2001 6:24 PM
Congratulations from one 7Ti owner (1 year) to all you new Seven Axiom Ti owners, you made a great choice!
Happiness is...tirider
Oct 6, 2001 10:26 PM
... a bike that fits. If it happens to be a Seven just add a few more smiles on every ride. I've had my Axiom since May and it still inspires a grin every time I take it out for a spin.
re: My Seven Axiom Ti Arrived Yesterday...Pjkad
Oct 7, 2001 3:29 PM
Congratulations! I've had my Axiom since July and I love it. It has changed my enthusiasm for cycling because of the comfort, control and - for me, an incredible difference in climbing. I really had to go custom since I am 6'5" and not as flexible as I used to be (I'm 50). But I disagree that custom is just for people like me. I had a chance to visit the Seven factory and see how they use the extensive measurement and preference data. Each frame is a truly individual tubeset and the qualitative preferences of the buyer stay in a file that follows the frame through the production process. It, of course, is not practical for a buyer to physically try out a bunch of Seven frame alternatives, but my experience is that they really tune the frame to your preferences (how's that for a commercial endorsement). Anyway, the most important thing is that I've never met a Seven owner who is not happy with their bike.
gonna keep it or send it back?nm
Oct 8, 2001 6:04 AM
No reason to send it back...PsyDoc
Oct 8, 2001 6:13 AM
...the bike is everything a bike should be when you spend $2600.