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technical question about Ksyriums(3 posts)

technical question about Ksyriumskushogun
Oct 5, 2001 8:44 PM
Hi all. Had a question about a brand new set of Ksyriums that I just purchased. I just mounted the cassette and tires tonight. Well I put the wheels on the bike to find that the front wheel has some "play" in it. Probably about 5mm left to right movement. Q/R skewer is tightly positioned within the fork, but there is still a little wobble. Do I need to adjust the bearings? Is this normal with a new set of wheels? Also when I spin the rear wheel and allow it to freely rotate, I hear a scraping sound coming from the hub area. When I pedal the bike on a stand the sound goes away, but when the freehub is freely spinning the sound is present. I think it's the plastic disc between my 23-cog and the spokes. Is this normal and will it go away with a little time? It doesn't affect the spin of the wheel, still spins forever, just anoying sound. As much info would be great if you have experienced this or know anything about the matter. Thanks.
re: technical question about KsyriumsIan
Oct 6, 2001 2:38 AM
Front wheel - Sounds like the bearings. You should have received a tool with your wheels to adjust the bearings. It is fairly simple, I had the same thing happen with my Crossmax wheels. Once tightened, it never came back.

Rear wheel - Once you have the limit screws on the rear derailleur adjusted properly, remove that plastic disk and throw it away. No more sound.
re: technical question about Ksyriumscyclequip
Oct 7, 2001 11:14 PM
Limit screws are known to come loose. Better leave the plastic disc as any chainsuck will ruin your spokes. At the cost of replacement spokes, accept the geek look and scraping sound. It goes away soon enough.